Atul Khekade, Author of “ Me Ki Gai “ Shares His Journey and Inspirations

Atul Khekade is a writer, Financier, and Entrepreneur. He is a first-generation entrepreneur in the Banking, Fintech, Crypto domain. In the years to come, Atul plans to work close to the grassroots level to ensure Fintech/Blockchain-based banking reaches every person in the world enabling financial freedom. To get a deep knowledge about his journey and inspirations that helped him pen down his book ” Me ki Gai “, here are we in conversation with Mr. Atul Khekade

1. Share with us the story behind your book ” Me ki Gai “

Me Ki Gai is simply My Ikigai. Ikigai is unique to every individual simply because every person is gifted in different ways. Most of us are not able to find what that gift is. It’s like treasure hunting but it’s inside of you. As I was building my business as a first-generation entrepreneur, my life was filled with frustration, stress, and failures.

When I started my career, it seemed like I’d never make it. But as I surrendered to the moment, I realized that the source of my worries was within me. As I read through many self-help books, I started to realize I should leave everything else aside and just be in the moment, enjoy it, without worrying about anything else. It meant things like just finding something to do that I’d enjoy doing, without even getting paid for.

When I got absorbed in topics of my interest, I realized that money was built into anything, anything you want if you can just make it useful to people. I started working on the manuscript for Me Ki Gai around 2012 at that time I had not heard about the topic Ikigai. During Covid lockdown, I read this wonderful book “ikigai” and everything I had in mind, I had been doing was connected. The manuscript became a book “Me Ki Gai”.

2. How has been the journey of writing so far?

Writing to us is something that I enjoy the most. Its effortless for me. The moment I keep my fingers on the keyboard, the thoughts start flowing out. For me, the joy has been enjoying that moment. I have been writing many business write-ups but Me ki Gai was special because it’s fiction. I have enjoyed writing it and working on the book. I plan to continue writing and finish some of the manuscripts I’ve been working on.

3. How do you think your book can inspire and help people?

The current times are challenging. The world is going through an unprecedented situation. It’s a catastrophe. Many people have lost their jobs. Many industries have shut down. But If someone is willing to surrender to what is, there is most likely a treasure hidden within. Me Ki Gai is not a philosophical book, it’s a story. The story of a young man going through hardships in life.

The story explains the concept of ikigai in an easy read yet systematic way. In the current times, while the world has gone upside down and the problems never seem to end, new opportunities and value in wealth may be created by those who surrender to the situation and discover their “Me Ki Gai”

4. What is your idea of success?

Success is simply fulfillment for me. It’s not measured intangible value or number, it’s an ongoing feeling of ecstasy. In the world today, material wealth is so important and an indicator of success. But that’s not where real success starts. It’s just a byproduct of the inner you thriving within without any external conditions. Once this condition is met, nature starts rewarding you with success.

5. What would be your message for aspiring Authors across the world, especially in times of pandemic?

For authors, it could be a blessing in disguise. Imagine having great thoughts and not having time to pen them down. Pandemic is bad and it’s killing people. But if an aspiring author is sitting at home, it’s a gift to be given so much time to think. I’m sure many of the thought leaders of tomorrow will be molded in times of pandemic when everyone has been humbled and introduced to what life is at the microscopic level. The very foundation of this world is built on minuscule stuff, be it cells or your thoughts.

6. What are your plans in terms of writing?

I am working on some manuscripts. Some of them are fiction and some of them are business books. But I do not want to rush myself. I do not write for money but as a hobby. I am letting thoughts flow at the convenience of their own time and space. I’m sure the end product will be something that readers will like.

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