From Blank Page to Published Best-Selling Author with Chandler Bolt

I’m sure by now in your professional career you’ve had to read a book or two. If you aren’t a fan of reading or haven’t done so recently you need to get on it. Reading is such a powerful tool to train our brains to think in a new way or learn new things.

It doesn’t matter where your interest may lie when it comes to reading, I just feel it’s important to do it. Reading is basically food for your brain. It needs to eat knowledge, so don’t starve it. Feed it.

For those of you that are reading this know by now that I’m a huge proponent of not only consuming content but creating it. So with this article, I wanted to shine a light on the inspiring story of how Chandler Bolt has become a rising sensation in the self-publishing world and reveal how you too can publish a book. I had the chance to sit down with him and his journey is amazing. He happened to also just release his latest book, Published: The Proven Path from Blank Page to Published Author.

Chandler is an author that self-publishes all of his books. (yes you read that right he self-publishes). As a matter of fact, he’s a 6-time best-selling author and CEO of Self-Publishing School which is an amazing resource that allows anyone to publish their own book with the right tools and tactics. He’s grown this business to over 7-figures of revenue in under 2 years. Something that many people didn’t think he could ever do.

I want Chandler’s story to inspire you to take it up a notch. Yes, the holiday season is coming but I want to give you a different perspective to try out. This is the time of year where you can start making some big gains in your life and business, so don’t slow down because Christmas is right around the corner. Instead, choose to go full-steam ahead.

Why wait for January 1st to start when you can end your year strong, and start next year with a BANG?

One way to end this year with a bang, or start next year strong is by committing yourself to writing a book. Whether this is just a personal goal of yours or a business goal. Publishing a book can be a remarkable step in cementing yourself or business as an authority in any industry.

Having the title “Best-Selling Author” beside your name really separates you from the rest of the pack.

In order to help with this idea of self-publishing your own book, I asked Bolt for 3 tips he could give people like you and I to put us on the right path to self-publish a book.

1. Get rid of Self-Doubt

One of the biggest hurdles stopping people from ever writing a book is the belief that they can’t do it. Another big excuse is that they don’t have the time. In Bolt’s new book he uncovers the truth for you and puts everything in black and white so you can stop making excuses and start writing.

“For me to publish my first book, and still when I recently finished my sixth book it’s about having that sense of belief. A sense of that I can make this a success. Having an I can do it attitude is huge because I believe in myself.” says Bolt.

This was a powerful statement from Bolt because just like anything in life if you want to succeed, you need to believe. Getting rid of that doubt in your mind is huge. Throw it to the curb and think positive thoughts instead. This is a major step to accomplishing your dreams of becoming a published author.

2. Have an Accountability Partner

Committing to writing a book is a big investment of your time and energy. It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s definitely not easy. If it was easy everyone would do it, hence why so many people don’t do it.

A great tip that Bolt gave for any aspiring authors out there is to have an accountability partner. That could be a spouse, friend, sibling, or relative that you can count on to talk about the idea of writing a book with. By talking to them about it and telling them you are writing a book, this person from the very beginning is there for you to reach out to on those days when you want to quit and give up.

Tip: Not only is it important to have an accountability partner you can reach out to but doubling it up and stating it publicly that you are writing a book is a great step. Write a Facebook post, do a Facebook Live, record a video, whatever works best for you. State that you are writing a book and watch others become cheerleaders for you during the process.

3. Learn From Others

Now that you have the confidence and accountability to write a book. There is still one critical component that Bolt recommends you pursue to become a successful author. Reach out to people that have already published a book.

Learn from them and see what worked well during their writing and book launch process. More importantly though is learning from their mistakes or missteps. An easy tactic for you to become successful in any area of life is to learn from other people in positions you aspire to be like.

So if you want to become a New York Times best-selling author go and talk to one. Reach out to them and pick their brain for knowledge.

If you tell them you are currently writing or looking to publish your own book, I’m sure they could set aside 15 minutes of their time to connect with you.

I know from my experience connecting with millionaires and big-time influencers is that a large majority of them are always looking to give back and are more receptive to helping others than you might think. If you are someone like myself who has pondered writing a book hopefully these tips and Bolt’s story inspire you to start today.

Now you have the tools to go from a blank page to published author.

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