Brandon Howard on Elevating People to Success Through Top Brand “Higher Life”

A boost up is welcomed by anyone looking to succeed in their endeavors. No matter what industry one is in, a helping hand is rarely slapped away. Known for his unique abilities in pulling people up the ladder of success, Brandon Howard is a lauded character in numerous fieldsmore recently in business as the brilliant mind behind the “Higher Life” brand.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and later moving to Indiana at the tender age of 13, Brandon Howard has always been a helpful individual with an infectious zest for life. He was known throughout states as an innovator able to catapult anyone to success.

Even as a teenager, Brandon was already an exceptionally supportive person for those in his reach and has been an indispensable character in countless personal and professional journeys. Seemingly born with the golden touch and empathetic nature, he could relate to anyone and immediately direct individuals to the next rung of the ladder.

These outstanding characteristics combined with commitment, resilience, and an exemplary work ethic made him a magnet for success. This led to Brandon’s accomplished career as a sought-after Artist Manager from 2008 to 2011 and a Magazine Publication owner from 2014 to 2018.

His influence and experience in both careers led to the celebration of innumerable individuals and an unshakeable foundation for his entrepreneurial pursuits. Seeing a new avenue for his talents, Brandon Howard launched the “Higher Life” brand in 2018.

Pouring his extensive portfolio and unstoppable drive, Brandon created the Higher Life CBD Dispensary and later branched out in 2020 with Higher Life Cereal Cafe. As the ingenious mind behind the powerhouse ventures, the gifted businessman became a shining example to aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs.

Carrying an exceptional reputation of absolute client satisfaction, Brandon Howard is a recognized industry leader who has since been dedicating his efforts to pulling his fellow innovators to his level. While equipping them with the tools they need, Brandon never forgets to fuel their passion by reminding them what fires his. 

“In life, you never know who is looking up to you; it can be your children, relative, or a friend,” he shares. “Every move I make isn’t easy, but when I succeed at accomplishing a goal, I know I’m inspiring someone to go harder to accomplish their goal.”

By motivating others to realize their dreams and become examples for those who plan to, Brandon kickstarts a “pay it forward” phenomenon that leads people to success beyond borders.

A widely-admired influential entrepreneur, Brandon’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Following his groundbreaking efforts and accomplishments in his colorful career, Brandon Howard has been featured in several well-known publications such as the Fox News, L.A. Weekly, High Times Magazine, Indianapolis Business Journal, Indy Star, Nuvo Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the New York Times.

Learn more about the leading CEO behind the “Higher Life” brand. Follow Brandon Howard as he elevates individuals to success and grows his impact by visiting the top entrepreneur on Instagram. Learn more about Higher Life through its website.

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