California Calling: How Entertainment Guru Mike Sington Envisaged and Lived His Hollywood Dreams

For many people, Hollywood is a dream that is just out of reach, a destination they work towards but never reach. However, for Mike Sington, Hollywood was his dream, and he knew that he would do whatever it took to achieve it.

Known as Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider, Sington’s entry into Hollywood was something many would call an impulsive decision. A day before he was to start a job in the corporate world, Sington decided that Hollywood offered him better prospects. He then called his boss-to-be and told them that he wouldn’t be taking up the job; he was heading to California.

“It honestly was a risky move, giving up a job to go for the unknown, but I had made up my mind. I belonged in Hollywood,” reminisces Sington.

He packed his belongings and moved to California, with no job or house. All he had was a dream, one that he had since childhood. As a child watching television, he was mesmerized by the world he saw on the screen and the lives of the stars and wanted to be part of that when he grew up. As a student in business school, he’d been part of a few commercials, and this only increased his determination and desire to be among the stars.

“I’d want to say that I had a fairytale entry into Hollywood, but it was far from that. I waited on tables in a restaurant to make some money to sustain me even as I looked for ways of getting into Hollywood,” he remembers.

Determined to break into the elite Hollywood circles, Sington got a job as a tour guide at Universal Studios. After a few months, Mike found a way to improve the tour and sent a new and improved script to the studio’s President. His recommendations were so good that he was given a new role to develop a training guide for the tour guides, the Universal Studios Tour Guide Program, that became the go-to document for all tour guides in Hollywood.

As a result, Sington, who was now a senior executive in Hollywood, co-created and produced Universal Studio’s legendary Studio Tour, one of the world’s top tour experiences. He also developed the exclusive VIP Experience and Tour for celebrities and other high-profile guests. The success of these tours (they led to triple-digit revenue increase) cemented Sington’s place in Hollywood.

With all his contacts in Hollywood and the worldwide entertainment industry, Sington is always up to date on everything in entertainment, hence the nickname Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider. Sington is still one of the most-connected executives in Hollywood and continues to live out his dreams in California.

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