Celebrating World Art Day — Dr. Shubham Shree Speaks on the Potential of Art

When we talk about art, it’s about expressing oneself. Be it music, dance, painting, handcraft, creative writing, culinary, etc. Art is a form in which sublime emotions of human mind are crafted in more innovative and acceptable manner. It’s something that can be treated as a means of communication, therapy, or even spreading awareness about things like social causes.

Over the years, Dr. Shubham has been working closely with her team to spread awareness about various social causes. She owns a group named Amrapali Creative Group, that uses art and dance as the primary sources to provide therapy, and encourage individuals to showcase their skills.

On the occasion of the World Art Day, it is essential that we must recognize the importance of art in our lives. We might not even realize it, but we have some or the other form of art in us. Be it dance, playing an instrument, or a sport. Dr. Shubham strongly believes that some things which can’t be said through words, can definitely be portrayed through the means of art.

Dr. Shubham has done quite a few projects in the last couple of years to spread awareness for various social causes. One of them being, a collaboration with a dance cover of the song Zariya by a well-known artist, A.R. Rahman. It was basically a dance form with Yogic mudras, named Yog Nritya. The purpose was to encourage healing through the means of dance, on the occasion of International Yoga Day and International Music Day.

Another one of Dr. Shubham’s projects was a collaboration with Khamosh Studios, a group of artists hailing from Bihar, of a song called Raushani. It was the band’s original composition.The song was hugely appreciated, as it covered all the issues related to the girl child. It was to raise voice against the orthodox malpractices of female foeticides, which kill the child’s dreams, even before they begin to form.

Discrimination against girl child in our society, where preferences are given more to a boy child over certain matters like nutrition, education or making important decisions and choices in life like marriage, career etc. A sad, but true fact indeed. Due to all this, there has been a serious gender imbalance, and severe social problems.

Not to forget Dr. Shubham’s amazing Bharatnatyam dance cover for a remake song, composed by A.R. Rehman. It was yet again another initiative to encourage art as a form of healing and nourishing. Another reason was to showcase the rich heritage of India.

Dr. Shubham is currently working on an upcoming project, which focuses on the transgender community of India. She strongly believes that it has the potential to make an everlasting impact on the society. The project will showcase how the community is perceived and accepted in the society.

Overall,the spirit of art should be grown stronger than ever, and we must spread love, unity and positive vibes all around us. For life is meaningless without art.

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