Creating the World’s Best Smiles Through His Dentistry Skills is Dr. Andrés Arias.

Your wide smile speaks a lot about your confidence, a part of which comes from having an impressive set of pearly whites, which are the first thing to get noticed when you smile bright. Everyone wants to have that perfect set of whites devoid of any cracked teeth or noticeable gaps in between, which are a big put off.

So, how does one get hold of such perfection which adds up to your overall personality? For those who are blessed with naturally impressive teeth needn’t worry much, but those who don’t have to take experts guidance, and who better than Dr. Andrés Arias who has revolutionized dentistry with innovative technologies like digital dentistry, smile makeover, tooth whitening, dental implants, correct positioning of teeth, crowns, porcelain, composite veneers and much more.

A word about the renowned dental care specialist:

Dr. Andrés specializes in prosthodontics, and has graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He is one of the most credible names in the industry as he has revolutionized the space with his immense knowledge and vast experience which spans across years. Nowadays, aesthetics is given more importance and that has led to a rise in dental procedures which specialize in these zones.

The eminent dentist has been responsible for restoring aesthetics of many of his patients whose dental condition has changed for good after undergoing treatment from him. The innovative technology that he uses to carry out the procedures are technologically advanced which include intraoral scanners that diffuse the sensation of conventional impressions, noiseless drills and the right infrastructure that give an extremely satisfying experience to the visiting patients.

His medical facility is no less than a five-star facility that is designed to take away the anxiety that patients experience during treatment. Right from their choice of music to movies, to their favorite beverages, patients have access to all at his facility, which is one of the best Colombia could ever have.

Why should one opt to be treated at Dr. Andrés Arias?

There are reason aplenty which would make one rush to this dental care expert as he has a team of professionals like periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics who are well experienced to give you that perfect job that’s good enough to boost your confidence. Being one of the best prosthodontists in Colombia, Dr. Andrés has been enhancing the appearance of his patients by capturing the natural angles and expression of teeth, thereby giving them the perfect look.

Using his years of experience backed by innovative technologies, he has mastered the art of crafting that perfect makeover that improves the aesthetic of your smile to a great extent. Each patient is given individual attention right from the consultation phase right up to the completion of treatment. The initial stages are spent virtually designing your smile by using photography and photo editing software followed by three-dimensional photos and videos of every angle of your mouth, proceeded by the rest of treatment.

There are a wide range of treatments available under one roof, which one can avail under the able guidance of this globally recognized dental professional.

Get to know more by visiting his official website here or follow him on Instagram to know more about his treatments and procedures.

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