EJ Dalius: How To Protect Yourself From The Second Wave Of Coronavirus And Cold And Flu Season

With the fall season setting in, the days are becoming short and temperatures erratic, creating a perfect background for cold, flu, allergies, and COVID-19 infection. Fighting this may not be simple, but there are ways to ensure safety for your health. If you don’t want to take any risk with your overall wellbeing, it’s time you start doing a few things at your end. Here are some useful suggestions in this regard. Let’s explore them at once so that you and your family can stay healthy and happy even during the most vulnerable times.

  • Face mask and handwash

In the combat against coronavirus, you may already be wearing masks in public places and keeping your hands germ-free with sanitizers and handwash. According to Eric Dalius, you can pursue this habit as protection against other ailments also. The mask blocks the particles released at the time of coughing, speaking, or breathing. When you have one on your face, it not only saves others from getting infected by you but also safeguards you against the risks. The fewer particles you inhale, the less would be the chances of contracting an illness.

  • Alcohol consumption

During the pandemic, a lot of people have started indulging in drinking. While one or two shots can be okay to cope with virus-related stress, you cannot adopt this unhealthy habit. Excessive drinking can be harmful to your immunity, adds Eric J Dalius. To be precise, it can dent your natural ability to fend off infection. Hence, it is better to drink in moderation.

  • Stress issues

Too much stress can also affect your immune system. 2020 has generally been a stressful year for almost everyone. Due to the pandemic, many Americans suffered mental health problems caused by excess stress. On a personal level, you can reduce your exposure to virus-based news and information. However, if it is beyond your control, you can take professional assistance. It can help you control depressive feelings and emotions.

  • Quality sleep

EJ Dalius says you can feel sleep-deprived for various reasons. But you need to check it. A sound sleep at night can save you from many health risks, keeping you in good shape. When you sleep, your body heals itself by eliminating pathogens. The health agencies suggest that adults should sleep a minimum of seven hours at night to stay fit.

  • Healthful eating

You can also boost your immunity by increasing your vitamin intake. Add plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet for an experience. The nutrient-rich choices will supply you with the necessary components for your body and mind. Taking a plant-based diet and ditching non-vegetarian content can also be useful. Make sure you eat stuff that provides you vitamin D. For this, you can rely on juices, cereals, salmon, a few mushrooms, and select diary items. Another source can be sunlight. Vitamin D can give you stronger bones and an immune system.

Along with these, you need to do regular exercises also. Being active helps you with stress management, fitness, and protection from infection.


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