Exclusive With Author and Poet Sneha Narayanan :On her Poetry Journey, Writing tips & more

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Sneha Narayanan’s debut poetry book, Bloom, has been creating waves in the literary world. This Amazon bestseller is garnering rave reviews from readers across the nation. Three years ago, Sneha Narayanan left her job at IBM to chase her passion for writing. 

When we asked her how she ventured into writing , she says, that since childhood, she’s always been neck-deep into reading books, especially fiction, but it wasn’t until last year the thought of becoming an author crossed her mind. 

“I grew up in a house full of books. My mother is also an avid book reader like me. I was a very timid child in my school days and had no friends. On top of it , I suffer from social anxiety, so I find human interactions very overwhelming. I recall escaping into the world of books to self-soothe.

I quit my job in 2018 and started a blog on WordPress that soon went on to win an award under the Best Personal Development category in 2019, despite having just 600 followers. This gave me the confidence and impetus to pursue writing as a career option and not just a hobby. After that, I started posting personal reflections and excerpts from my poems on Instagram. It wasn’t an easy journey.

My first post on my poem got just fifty Likes and two comments, but I wasn’t disheartened. On the contrary, I was thrilled because that meant somebody was reading it, liking it and relating to it.”

We asked her if she could share some tips for budding authors that could help them in their writing journey, and she graciously pointed out the importance of reading.

“Reading is perhaps the greatest tool in the hands of a writer. Read as much as possible. I have read more than 100 books, before deciding to write one. Even now, I make it a point to read minimum of two books every week. Also, the next tip is to write consistently.

Write every day, even if it’s just for ten minutes, even if you are just staring at a blank paper and scribbling your name. But take out time to write and write everyday. While the writing process is cumbersome and tedious, be patient, because one day your effort will be worthwhile when you will hold your book in your hands.

When I held my book for the first time, I cannot describe the happiness and power I felt, my book is a precious part of me,” she adds.

She also revealed to us, that she is working on her next book and is planning to become a life coach.   

“Presently, I am working on my next poetry book, Self-love Fairytales. Also, I want to help people like me having low self-esteem and body-image issues, hence I am doing a course to become a Certified Life Coach; most probably I guess I will be a Self Love coach”, she concludes.

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