French Musician Mexed Talks About Self-Believe


It’s true that if one chooses the right friends they can be a boon and the 20 year old French Musician Mexed started music by getting inspired from his friends.

After being completely taken by music, Mexed has been practicing passionately and has made five music videos back to back in two years that’s sure to get you grooving and as inspiration has no permanent address, it’s in the eye of the viewer to find it at the correct place.

Music has given him the opportunity to meet various people around the world and pick up the right talent for constantly uplifting his self-owned influencer marketing agency. He’s currently residing in Miami and is gearing up for the next music video release which is sure to blow your mind.

Being an artist, he draws the biggest inspiration from 50 Cent, P. Diddy and the US Culture. Strategising his time and ensuring maximum productivity in the equal 24 hours we all have, he works on his company in the noon and with Leyth in his studio in the evening.

Mexed is proof that the only thing you need to be successful is constant hardwork and a never give up attitude.

A piece of advice he shares is,”No matter how long jt takes, you have to believe in yourself and never give up”

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