GerkOne Has Once Again Proven Himself As An Evergreen Artist.

GerkOne is a successful hip-hop artist who is recognised as one of the best in the global industry right now.

GerkOne is a successful hip-hop artist who is recognised as one of the best in the global industry right now. Originally hailing from Windsor, Ontario in Canada, GerkOne has always been very compassionate and committed to music recording. It all started in 2007 when he first prepared himself to indulge in the music industry.

Carefully mentored by J-Finn, a veteran from Detroit, GerkOne realised his talents very early on in life, henceforth he was able to put in enough efforts to make his way through every difficulty and right into the spotlight.

GerkOne gained a lot of fans by his first single in 2007, My Block. He had created a place for himself in the music world and gained a good position, especially in the Canadian hip hop scene. That 10 long years in which things changed drastically which has created maturity in the life of GerkOne.

When he was asked about his 10 years break from recording or writing, he replied “I just felt like it was time to put it down for a minute, I didn’t know that minute would turn into 10 years but timing is everything and I think I picked it back up at just the right time. I’m much more experienced in life and you can hear that in my new music.”

Coming back only last year, 2020 was a very good year for him, he even released his track “Real as it gets” after the success of the 2020 debut track, “No limit”. In no time again, his songs were topping the charts over a number of music platforms. “Real as it gets” was acclaimed by several other famous artists and it was even talked about on several websites and articles. Although this was a reason for his popularity, you can certainly say that his personality and music style was a major factor of attraction.

Even in the midst of a deadly pandemic, GerkOne has decided to prove himself. He took his sweet time to make the next album titled “Pardon my atti2ude”, and it is indeed something pretty big, as the teasers suggest. Stay tuned to know more about the release, we expect it to be out by either mid-2021, or late 2021. How would you like it, an after-winter banger or a holiday joy to stream to? Well, you’ll know soon, once you see that GerkOne is trending again. Till then, make sure you’re vibing to his previous songs, it is worth the while!

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