Hip-Hop’s Young Prodigy Matias A’vone Talks Social Media Rise and Recording Album on an iPhone

Hip Hops Young Prodigy Matias A’vone Talks Social Media Rise and Recording Album on IPhone

Matias Richardson, popularly known as Matias A’vone, is an inspiration to many. At only 22 years old, accomplished many of his childhood goals in a matter of years with only an iPhone. He’s now on his way to becoming a well-respected Singer-Songwriter, actor, and social influencer.

Matias, born in Washington, D.C., attended Duke Ellington School of the arts from 2013-2016 before his expulsion due to poor grades. Surprisingly he graduated from Calvin Coolidge Senior High school on honor roll the following year in 2017. One of his many drastic turnarounds during his journey.

From late-2011 to late 2015, Matias was previously signed to Sony music entertainment’s now-defunct “Right Time Music” label, under A&R Marvin McIntyre. His project was shelved and nothing came from it.

Matias states he was one of the first few social media stars and was among the youngest, which seemingly hurt him even harder during his almost overnight rise. By 2010, age 12, He had amassed a following of over 150,000 followers on Twitter. By 2012 Matias had amassed 50,000 followers on the new thriving social media platform Instagram.

Matias took to recording music on his iPhone mid 2013 when he had discovered the music streaming platform SoundCloud. SoundCloud is where he continued to sharpen his skills and build on his core base. Today many of his tracks have millions of streams on the platform.

Matias recently released his debut album Emotional Support, which has helped elevate his social media fame. The project was completely recorded on his iPhone 8 and has an appearance from Mindless Behavior’s own Princeton Perez. On Instagram, Matias has a massive following of over 100,000 followers. He’s also been actively involved in helping bring forth some of today’s biggest names in music while on his musical journey. He has notably worked with global artists such as Chloe x Halle, H.E.R, Mindless Behavior, Soulja Boy, Jacquees, among many other artists.

“Music was the one thing I could always use the escape,” says an excited Matias as he recalls the turning points in his life.

When it comes to idols, Matias says that he draws his inspiration in the industry from actor and singer-songwriter Jamie Foxx. Matias adds that besides Jamie being his idol and inspiration, he is the “overall best”. Matias looked up to Jamie growing up due to his many talents, being both a box star movie star and platinum-selling recording artist. Graduating from a performing arts high school majoring in Theatre, Matias hopes to dominate both music and film in the future.

Matias is still continuing his independent social media grind, as recently as 2021 he has gained over 200,000 followers on the booming music sharing Tik Tok platform. His song “Cry With You” currently sits at over 1M+ views on the platform.

Matias A’vone, at 22 years old, is by far a go-getter. The fact he still operates alone without even management while maintaining his social empire, to producing an entire album on an iPhone, while barely at drinking age is remarkable.

Follow Matias A’vone on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/matiasavonee/

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