How Multi-Talented Business Success Mark Evans DM Built His Empire

You don’t have to get it right on the first attempt of your journey as an entrepreneur. If you ask those who are thriving in their businesses, they will tell you challenges come with the territory. That means if you have been procrastinating, maybe it’s time to get moving. According to successful serial entrepreneur Mark Evans DM, that’s how success can be achieved.

Mark Evans DM is a successful business owner who has built an empire using his skills. He is an expert in a variety of fields, including real estate, e-commerce, and the media and data spaces. Evans is also a partner in many franchises and an acclaimed bestselling author. His books cover in-depth topics in real estate, personal finance, and lifestyle.

Evans is also a podcast host and creator of multiple innovative real estate software. The latter has allowed him to create a successful business that is profitable and efficient. In fact, he is called the Deal Maker, DM, and the DN, Digital Nomad for that very reason. Thanks to the internet and his software, Evans can work from any part of the world, make money, and spend quality time with his family.

Evans says that’s one of the major determinants in all his deals. For him, the deal is only as good as the impact it has on his lifestyle, and that’s something he has been teaching others for the last 26 years.

Mark Evans DM didn’t grow up in luxury. Growing up in a small town about 45 mins east of Columbus, Ohio, financial stability was one of his biggest dreams. His instructors, fearing he might not even graduate high school, urged him to at least pass and get a minimum-wage job. Working for someone else had never been part of Evans’ plan. Determined to prove everyone wrong, he chose entrepreneurship, a less glamorous road at the time.

Evans closed his first real estate deals before he turned 19. That was just the beginning of what has now become an epic real estate empire. The grit and stubbornness that drove him at 19 has never really left him. That, and the knowledge that death is inevitable, has kept him focused on his goals.

Excellent leadership is the other factor that has contributed to Mark Evans’ success. His ability to be an influential leader and motivator has contributed a lot to his proven track record in building and leading successful businesses. He knows how to create a winning team and get the most out of his employees. Together, Mark Evans and his team change people’s lives. Tens of thousands of people have benefitted from his advice through his books, podcast shows, and events.

Although profits are important in a business, Mark Evansobserves that changing a person’s life for good is equally important. That’s why his company is more relational than transactional. For him, few things beat the fulfillment he gets from knowing he impacted another entrepreneur’s life. That changes his life greatly too and makes it easier to go to work every day.

The key to success, Mark Evans says, is to keep moving. If you feel depleted, focus on the micro-wins, which are likely to be many in a day. Just don’t give up.

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