How to Know When to Reach Out to a Personal Injury Attorney, As Told By Attorney Camara Mintz

After many years of experience working with criminal and personal injury cases, Camara Mintz is determined to expand his reach and help more people. He’s doing this by taking on new cases and sharing his advice on when to reach out to a personal injury attorney.

Camara has worked in prosecution and law enforcement, so jumping head first in starting his own criminal defence and personal injury practice wasn’t too much of a stretch for him.

Camaraderie says

I studied criminal justice in college and spent five years working in law enforcement, so I have an interesting perspective. I’ve seen how broken our criminal justice system can be. I’ve been on the street as a police officer, I’ve prosecuted cases, and it’s my goal to help as many people as possible get a fair trial.

Bottom line, it’s Camara’s goal to help protect people’s life, liberty, and freedom. He’s motivated to do so because “Many people have no idea what their rights are and how to claim what’s owed to them, especially in personal injury cases.”

Camara Mintz and Erick P. Garcia Jr. have joined forces to form Gracia & Mintz Attorneys At Law. They created one of the few black-owned personal injuries and criminal defence firms in Prince George’s County, Maryland. But, that’s not the only thing that makes their services unique. They are both former prosecutors and aggressive trial lawyers, so they fully understand the ins and outs of a case and can work to get the best possible outcomes for their clients.

If you’re unsure when you should seek out the help of a personal injury attorney, Camara has you covered with some helpful advice.


“You should always try to use an attorney instead of handling cases by yourself, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. For instance, with insurance companies, I’d even hire an attorney to represent myself. For the most part, insurance companies have no interest in paying you what your injury is worth because the more they pay out, the less they get to keep,” says Camara.


“It’s always better to have someone on your side that knows what they are doing, can direct you through settlements and claims, handle insurance adjusters, and help you if you’re dealing with potentially lost wages,” says Camara.


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