How to Leverage Instagram to Promote Your Business

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Instagram has two fundamental advantages that make it an ideal space to reach your audience. On the one hand, the social network was acquired by Facebook, whose advertising service is one of the most complete of our time, so its services are extended to Instagram.

On the other hand, the types of content that are published on Instagram are the most shared on social media. According to what the statistics indicate, videos and photos are among the publications that most interest people to share around the world. This means that they are very effective in attracting users!

Now Let’s Review the Main Instagram Statistics for Business

The number of Instagram users exceeds 400 million, and among them, more than 75% are outside the United States. That means that your audience is probably present on this social network! In addition, every day more than 80 million photos are published there, and 3.5 thousand likes are awarded.

Although there is a version of Instagram for desktop (with fewer functions, certainly), it is the mobile app that represents a real success among users. Thus, Instagram constitutes a fertile space to connect with your audience, given that 80% of Internet traffic comes from Smartphones.

As a result of the success of Instagram around the world, not only companies turn to the tools that this social network offers in terms of dissemination, but also the celebrities of the moment. 

On the other hand, the growth of Instagram has been such in recent years that this social network is already very close to the social media giants. 

The rate of interaction on Instagram (comments and “Likes”) is high, which indicates that its users are willing to get involved with the content you share there. For example, according to statistics, 50% of comments are published in the first 6 hours of publication.

How Can You Use Instagram for Business to Boost your Business?

Since Instagram is an image-centric social network, you can transmit the spirit of your business in a more humane and closer way to the public. It also has the informative advantages of photos and videos, so it is perfect for displaying your products, being creative, and entertaining your audience.

Some of the advantages of Instagram for Business from the point of view of digital marketing are:

  • It has the gigantic Facebook database used for advertising purposes and has its enormous segmentation power to offer highly effective and personalized ads.
  • Provides access to a growing and predominantly young fan base.
  • In the case of Argentina, the Instagram user base grew more than 3,700% in the last year.
  • It has the power of the image (known in English as Visual Storytelling), which transmits the values ​​of a brand like no other content, in terms of effectiveness.
  • It gives you the efficiency of positioning the hashtags, labels that if well used can be placed daily before the eyes of your audience.
  • It gives you the possibility of meeting different objectives in your advertising campaigns also peoples prefer to buy Instagram views.

The Three Types of Ads That Instagram for Companies Offers You

Instagram is a social network oriented to mobile devices, and it is increasingly necessary to carry out your mobile ad campaigns successfully. In this sense, it offers you the best tools so that you can develop your Branding (brand building) and also Performance or Performance objectives.

Likewise, Instagram allows you to create three types of ads with different goals, whose fulfillment essentially depends on setting clear goals. Indeed, to carry out a paid campaign on Instagram you have to choose one of the following objectives for your promotional communications:

  • Increase clicks on your website.
  • Promote the installation of your app.
  • Get numerous video views.
  • Improve brand awareness.

To carry out the objectives just mentioned, Instagram for Business allows you to develop three different types of ads:

  • The basic advertising formats of Instagram are Photo Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads.
  • Photo Ads: They help brands tell their stories and present their proposals through attractive and beautiful images. In this way, they can impact people in a more humanized, original, and creative way, in order to promote the execution of a specific action or to transmit the values ​​of your brand.
  • Video Ads: Allows you to create video ads with the same image quality parameters as photo ads, but with the communicative advantages of movement and audio. These kinds of ads can last up to 30 seconds and must be developed in landscape format.
  • Carousel Ads: This is the possibility of enriching the Photo Ads by displaying several photos in the same ad, through which the user can scroll by sliding his finger. They also include a Call to Action button to help you increase web traffic and online sales.

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