How Tom Oswald is Influencing New Photosharing Methods

There have always been pros and cons in social media platforms and the digital world we currently live in. The constantly evolving debate is truly determining if the pros outweigh the cons and in certain circumstances they have through the photography industry. The digital revolution has boomed the photography industry into one of the leading fields to pursue a career path.

It does not matter where you post your photos, but inside each of these various platforms, there are significant flaws that provide these platforms’ rights to your photos.

The second you upload your precious life moments, numerous social platforms can share and profit upon your photos due to users’ disregard for small print terms and conditions. Some might ignore this and believe that likes prioritize the images, but why give someone profit over your precious moments when you do the same yourself? 

You might ask what the solution is for this problem, and luckily Clickasnap is your solution. Based out of the United Kingdom and founded by Tom Oswald, this app is restriction-free and doesn’t allow improper utilization of your data. 

Clickasnap will never own your photos or data farm, so you’re in good hands knowing the work you create is indeed yours. Additionally, you will be also profiting off of it. “We offer our photographers the chance to be interviewed and present their work to be seen in newspapers and online articles, etc,” Oswald says. “This is, of course, at no cost to them.”

The app is strict on original content from users; therefore, if a user is posting content that does not belong to them, the platform will immediately remove the post with the hopes of protecting the true creator’s work.

Clickasnap will never try to own the rights to the work, but they want to gain the total trust of their users and not data farm like most social media platforms tend to do. Unlike social media platforms, Clickasnap will not restrict the content views seen, so creators don’t need to target a specific audience and focus on their creativity.

However, the most important question any potential user asks themselves when considering the app is how much will they make and how does the system work? According to Oswald, “It works exactly the same as both Spotify and Youtube’s monetization systems work. Simply put, ads are run against the images and the revenue shared with the creator when the images are viewed.”

Initially, users receive a free introductory account that allows them to post unlimited photos and share or browse freely in whatever way they choose. Clickasnap receives its revenue just like any other subscription service, along with image sales and advertising. 

However, to get paid, users must join the paid subscription, which allows them to receive many benefits. The subscriptions start as low as £2 a month, and this will instantly start the 0.40 cents per view commission. If users decide to upgrade to a “seller account”, they can sell their photos as marketplace products.

As for the “pro account”, which is the best subscription package, allows auto-posting on various social media platforms. In the “pro account” users even get the ability to add a watermark on photos, get features on the website’s homepage, unlimited cloud storage, and even the ability to gain website credits to help further promote their work. 

Oswald stated it best, “Ultimately we would like to replace Instagram and a variety of other sites. I mean, why upload your content somewhere where you are constantly fighting algorithms and giving any money earned to someone else? When you can upload your content to Clickasnap, see a return, no algorithms to fight and figure out, no data worries as we don’t collect or store personal data and of course the huge amount of features we offer.”

It’s only a matter of time before Clickasnap becomes an industry leader. When the app has such tremendous value at a low cost, it’s a hidden gem for all types of photographers. It will continue to advance the field further, but when Clickasnap takes user input into account, the sky’s the limit.

To learn more about Clickasnap, check them out on their website.

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