HungryPanda’s Asian Grocery Footprint Increases with Panda Fresh Business

HungryPanda, the world-leading Chinese food delivery platform, has started to expand its business with the Asian groceries market, targeting overseas Chinese and local residents, to enhance its leading position in Asian food and grocery delivery.

At present, HungryPanda operates in ten countries, including the UK, the US and Australia. More than 90% of Chinese restaurants choose to partner with HungryPanda, and the platform has accumulated 1.5 million registered Chinese consumers. In this niche market, HungryPanda has become the first and only company with profits by the professional operation and wide market coverage.

HungryPanda does not satisfy with the growth, and is seeking for new business models. Starting from March 2021, HungryPanda officially launched its grocery business, primarily through its Fresh delivery service. In October 2021, HungryPanda also launched its own Fresh-branded physical grocery store in Birmingham. 

Not limits by the online business, HungryPanda opened its first Panda Fresh brick-and-mortar grocery store with more than 2,500 SKUs. The store also provides multiple payment methods, including WeChat pay and Alipay, to maximally provide a convenient service for overseas Chinese, especially Chinese students.

Except for regular shopping, Panda Fresh also has the click and collect service, consumers can make an order online and choose to pick up from the store. Besides, to optimise the shopping experience, consumers can use the delivery service after the shopping and Panda Fresh will deliver to consumers’ door at the nominated time.

Different from traditional Chinese stores, HungryPanda knows better what consumers like to buy through its big data analysis, so most groceries are popular among overseas Chinese. The fresh delivery service Panda Fresh also offers consumers a quick grocery delivery.

Common Chinese stores only provide next-day delivery or a nominated day delivery, Panda Fresh utilises its optimal smart delivery system and nationwide delivery network to deliver in major cities within one hour, and small cities with next-day delivery. With such a rapid response, Panda Fresh aims to make a contribution to overseas Chinese lifestyle service improvement.

Not only targets overseas Chinese, but Panda Fresh also has the English version for local residents. As a bridge between Chinese food culture and local residents, Panda Fresh hopes to establish a connection for people who have interested in Asian and Chinese groceries.

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