If Your Team’s Morale is Low, Try These 10 Motivational Strategies

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As a leader, maybe you’ve noticed low team morale following the submission of a large proposal or after turning in a long-term assignment. After periods of high productivity, whether professionally or personally, your employees may need to recharge.

There are many different ways leaders can help facilitate this, from giving extra time off to rewarding all that hard work with a fun activity or prize. Below, 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members share some specific exercises, activities and advice for leaders to encourage employees to get back on track.

Q. When your team’s morale is seeming a little low, or when motivation is lacking, what’s one exercise, activity or tip you’d recommend to leaders to get them back on track? Why?

1. Offer Them Flexibility

Some workers desire the rigid 9-to-5 office schedule, and some work better on their own hours. Finding a proper balance between remote work and autonomous work can give your team a significant boost in productivity and morale. – Ron Lieback, ContentMender

2. Celebrate as a Team

Taking time to have fun and celebrate together as a team is really important to increase team morale and motivation. Work is hard, but it doesn’t have to feel grinding. People want to feel seen and known, so give them the opportunities to be affirmed publicly and to bond further with the people they work alongside in a way where pressure or tasking isn’t their unifying activity. – Nic DeAngelo, We Buy Loans Fast

3. Host a Happy Hour

Get a social event together at the team’s favorite happy hour spot. Give everyone a chance to loosen up and get comfortable with each other. Don’t interfere too much with the process. Often, once people are relaxed, they can be more candid with you. Business is built on relationships, and relationships are built on trust. Relaxed environments build more trust than rigid corporate settings. – Tyler Bray, TK Trailer Parts

4. Organize a Team-Building Workshop

When your team seems a little low or feels demotivated, try organizing some team-building workshops. Such activities help people learn specific tasks and activities together and are great ways to motivate your team by getting everyone on the same page. – Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

5. Understand Team Members’ Motivations

Team leaders need to have regular one-on-one time with each team member to truly understand what motivates and incentivizes them. Everyone has a unique motivational trigger. For some, it’s more about PTO or monetary gains, while for others it’s more about company culture that brings employees together for fun and engaging activities outside the office. Know your team and plan accordingly! – Lauren Marsicano, Marsicano + Leyva PLLC

6. Play a Team Sport

My preference is to meet after work for a volleyball game. Most everyone can play volleyball, and the competition drives adrenaline and improves motivation. It’s a fun way to interact and encourage the team to be more cohesive too. – Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

7. Give Your Team Time to Relax

There’s a misconception that motivation and morale must be forced and worked on. In many cases, pushing to feel better can just make things worse. Instead, take a break and give your team a chance to have fun and focus on something other than work. You’ll find that when people are given the chance to relax and have fun, they’ll be more productive and motivated when they return to work. – Blair Williams, MemberPress

8. Promote Work-Life Balance

A very powerful way of boosting the team’s morale is to encourage them to find work-life balance. Make sure not to force your employees to work overtime. Encourage them to go on vacations and spend time with their loved ones. Also, make sure not to disturb them with work-related calls or emails after work hours. – Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

9. Talk It Out With Your Team

You are your team’s guide. No one can motivate them better than you. Speak to them about what causes demotivation or the lack of drive. Once the issues are identified, ask them how you can solve them. This creates a sense of belonging in the workplace and helps you get things back on track. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

10. Host Giveaways

One way we boost morale is by hosting giveaways for our employees. We have plushies, gift cards, T-shirts, office supplies, and much more to reward our team. We often send a small care package to everyone who participates, with one or two people winning the grand prize during each contest. – John Turner, SeedProd LLC

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