Inspiring Story of an Emerging Young Entrepreneur – Anusha Chowdhury

Being a 25-year old inherent risk-taker Anusha Chowdhury decided to tread the road less taken and dive into her entrepreneurial spirit. While most of the young talents prefer job security and count on a monthly paycheck, Anusha is determined to take risk even leaving the luxury of getting a proper amount to her merit. It is because of people like her many of the world’s problems have got solutions, and the general people’s lives become that little bit easier, more convenient, and more palatable. Anusha like the other entrepreneurs performs a huge service to society in indirect ways. Through her different ventures, many received employment. Anusha is working and looking forward to empowering many as she curves her way towards success.

How the Journey Began

“I want to give back to my community and do something for my country. To do that, I have founded a foundation called Fund A Nation”, said Anusha. Fund A Nation has a simple purpose which is to create opportunities for underprivileged individuals within Bangladesh and provide them with a better life. It would focus its work on building careers for the underprivileged youth and diminish the hunger problems that exist in Bangladesh. The foundation is a non-profit organization with volunteers and benefactors who arrive from different prominent industries of Bangladesh and willing to make a change for society. The team hopes to abolish hunger, unemployment, and illiteracy from Bangladesh.

She also added that,

We understand how difficult it is to sustain a family when your most expected source of income hits an unexpected obstruction. We want you to feel that this obstruction isn’t an obstruction at all.

Anusha has also established an apparel company which is known as L’anush Apparels limited. She is the CEO of Vision Induction Wads limited and a revolutionary e-grocery platform called Bazar Nao.

Bazar Nao, a Brilliant Idea Executed by Anusha Chowdhury

As Anusha looks forward to solving the social problem, she is taking all the essential steps necessary. The main aim of Bazar Nao is not to make a profit and only to focus on serving. It is the first-ever e-commerce in Bangladesh that provided groceries on credit. It wants to cater to people daily necessities and provide them with the best possible rate within the best possible time ensuring the best possible quality. Partnering with multiple prominent consumer goods companies in Bangladesh and working towards adding more variety to its categories, Bazar Nao aims to be the best e-grocery platform Bangladesh has to offer.

Whereas other online grocery stores in the country demand advance payment, cash on delivery along extra service charges, Bazar Nao not only provides groceries on credit but also doesn’t charge any additional interest on the due amount. The start-up plans to expand to the divisional cities and then grow nation-wide in a short time. The online store is accelerating at an unprecedented pace and is hoping to establish a solid foothold in Bangladesh in less than a year.

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