Instagram Star Diamond Washington Lists Three Ways to Deal With Judgement and Prejudice

“Let’s face it, there is no escape from judgment and prejudice, both on the internet and in the world,” says Instagram star Diamond Washington – a profound statement that reflects the importance of accepting the realities of life. Working in the online adult entertainment industry, Washington faces a barrage of abuse and prejudice every day. How does she handle the attack? “It takes a lot of strength and courage,” she says. And where does she find it? Here, she shares three ways to find the strength to deal with judgment and prejudice.


It is not just those in the online adult content industry who are exposed to judgment and prejudice. Stress caused by thoughtless and rude behavior affects people from all businesses. When the problems that haunt us are in the external world, it is impossible to control or solve them.

We cannot reach out to every single opinionated person or those with too much time on their hands to kill and give them a lesson on good behavior. The only thing one can do is keep their mind peaceful. And meditation is a great way to keep the mind calm and balanced.


The world is a complex place. There are enough stress and trauma to go around for everybody. Nobody in the world has a perfect life. For most people, the internet becomes a punching bag to take out their frustrations. They do not have the necessary spiritual equipment to detoxify their emotions in a healthy and uplifting way. It is crucial to remember compassion when your feelings are hurt.


There are times when things may need more attention than you thought was required. Then, it is essential to call out or flag the incident. However, this would involve spending a lot of time on legal matters. This is an expensive option – both in terms of time and money and the last resort, only in extreme cases.

The online world is a new world that’s being built by people every day, and how an individual chooses to build it is their choice. Washington has chosen the high road when choosing how she deals with impoliteness on the internet. This reflects her hope for a better world in the future. We thank Diamond Washington for encouraging us to deal with judgment and prejudice with a positive attitude.

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