Instagram Star Jimmy Smacks: My Profession Allows Me to Be Transparent About Who I Am

We all are engaged with the world according to the influences of our times. Similarly, Instagram Star Jimmy Smacks is engaged with the modern world in a way that signals a shift in the way people think about work, wealth, and wellbeing. For this Young Turk who is taking part in a revolutionary movement that calls for the breaking down of the walls of sexual inhibition and sexual modesty, there’s nothing to hide or keep secret about his life or profession. His life is out in the open in the online adult content space. Here, he shares with us how his career choice has impacted the different spheres of his life – financial, mental, and spiritual.

In this line of work, looks alone don’t count for anything. You have got to work rather hard to build your success,” says Jimmy. From content development and management, to keeping fit and healthy, Jimmy has a whole lot of work to do before he can present himself to his audience. “I am very lucky to have the looks and the brains for the job,” he says. He has reasons to be happy because his career choice has brought him great wealth.

Like any other industry, ours too is very competitive,” says Jimmy about the adult-content creation industry. “The job demands you to be fit, but it is hard to stay fit with all the stress that comes with the job,” he explains. Then, how does he manage the stress? “I meditate.

And I strictly follow a routine that has a good amount of time allotted for exercise. Working out every day improves my focus. When focus improves, all distractions are automatically eliminated. Everything that causes stress is just a distraction that keeps you from achieving your goal. I take my mental health as seriously as my physical health,” says Jimmy.

Jimmy also displays a spiritual outlook on life. “My work is my religion,” says Jimmy, who calls his profession his spiritual path. “This is what I have chosen. I have bared myself out to the world. I am who I am. I thank my job for bringing me to this realization,” he concludes.

Jimmy’s refreshingly abstract view of his life and his work marks the shift that we as humans are going through. Whatever the future may hold, as Jimmy says, the task for the day is to keep calm and carry on with your work.

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