Jason Young on His Raw and Real Approach to Talking About Mental Health and Music

Nobody can explain art better than the artist who created it. Jason Young, the 25-year-old musician, sat down with us to talk about his music and shed some more light on it.

Jason, we all know you make amazing music. But we would love to hear your perspective on what you do?
I make real music, I’m not in it to make money. This is a therapeutic experience for me, and many others who have been through some trauma like I have. My music puts me in a vulnerable place and helps me feel better.

Music is obviously something you hold dear to your heart. How did this music appreciation come by in your life?
I developed deep gratitude for music when I was deployed. Being stranded in a desert, walking among unspeakable dangers takes a toll on you. But music kept me going. I was staring at the stars one night, and I decided that music was my passion and it is what I wanted to pursue.

What is the drive, the inspiration behind your music?
My inspiration is my faith in God. God and music are my bedrock. Other than that, I also want to help people that struggle with suicidal and depressing thoughts. Life is very fragile. Very dark. Many of my friends have been killed. I have witnessed a young 20-year-old die in front of me. I have had rockets fired in my direction. Death has taken away many of my friends from me. I want to become the person that people can lean on during tough times. I can’t physically be there for everyone but I hope my music reaches people.

That is a lot for one person to go through. And, I’m sorry for your loss. How do you deal with this darkness?
It’s fine, I’m getting better at making peace with life and the tragedies it brings. I deal with emotions through my faith in God and writing about my emotions. My motivation is to be what my loved ones -who are no longer here- believed I would be.

What are your plans going forward?
Jason: Music is my future. But, I won’t beg anyone to listen to my music. That is not why I’m in it. I have trust in my abilities and talent. People themselves will be drawn to hear my music. Being a man is difficult sometimes. There aren’t many conversations about the emotional toll of being “manly” & having to be “strong”. Many can relate to those pressures and I know many will find a home in my discography.

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