Jonathan Kvicky is Running the Entrepreneurial Scene With a Quick wit and a lot of Determination

Jonathan Kvicky is a Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Software Engineer and also a Tech Investor. Older generations mostly complain about how the Millennial generation has “killed,” so many things and how the new generation is just on the phone all the time. “The olds” gripe about the unconventional ways of learning in today’s era.

But if we look at the statistics, our generation has more millionaires than ever. Many youngsters who are merely in their teens and early 20’s have cracked the code of becoming successful on their own terms. They no longer dream of labour and cushiony corporate jobs. Apparently, most millennials are dreaming of creating their own empire and they’re also killing it.

Jonathan Kvicky, currently based out of Los Angeles, California is 32 years of age. He works as a Senior Software Engineer at Sony PlayStation in Los Angeles, California. Jonathan has always been an entrepreneur at heart and has been trying to be a successful businessman since he was 18 years old. He soon started working on his first company which was a success. He worked really hard on developing his company which was a notable PR/Marketing platform. He then sold it off at the age of 20.

“We live in an exciting time right now,” Jonathan says, “where a new digital fabric is being overlaid on the world as we know it – and it’s truly ground-breaking.” He is a successful investor and is passionate about tech startups, investing in blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship. He has become a successful investor through trial and taking chances.

He has been a success thanks to his in-deep understanding of various blockchain technologies. Everybody wants to make more money but people do not want to go through the pain of reading books and constantly trying to understand the market. That is what makes you rich. Knowing the market.

He recently portrayed his mental prowess by 10x-ing an investment of $20,000 into $200,000 in just two months. Many investors would go out of their ways to gain such a profit in this ever-changing market. Jonathan strives for knowledge and we would vouch for him. He is an extremely hard-working guy who has an immense focus on his goal.

If you are also thinking of joining the entrepreneur gang then you should consider the fact that in this technological age, it’s so much easier to test a business than it was 10 years ago. Before you give up your comfortable W-2 paycheck, you can make sure that there is a viable market and that your business is profitable.

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