Joshua Bert Gabie’s Story: The “Walking Legend”

How much does your boss care about you or are you simply a tool that helps him achieve success? Be honest. The reality may help you see what all your hard work is really worth. 

Joshua Bert Gabie sacrificed his family, social life, and sanity to turn a startup into a multi-million dollar direct sales operation. He had a team of people under him selling medical-grade indoor air quality systems.  

One day, while driving to visit a client, an 18-wheeler appeared in his rearview mirror. The truck driver was aggressive and despite Gabie pumping the brakes, the driver didn’t slow down. Instead, he sped up and swerved to get around Joshua’s vehicle. Unfortunately, it was too close and Gabie’s work truck was struck. The force was so great the truck flew off of the road, into a ditch, up a snowbank, airborne to the other side of the road and through a barbed wire fence used to keep cattle from running away. 

The farmer witnessed the accident and ran over to unconscious Joshua, pulled him out of his vehicle and drove him straight to the hospital. When Gabie woke up, the farmer said, “When I called your boss to tell him I was with you, he only asked two things, “Is my truck ok and is the stock damaged?”

The doctors said that Gabie would never walk again. The reality of what had just happened brought him to tears. He had lost everything. His job, paycheck, house, clothes, and future were ripped away from him. 

Something that kept going through his mind was what the farmer said, “He didn’t even care about your well being if you were even alive, I wouldn’t work for him after this if I were you.” 

The fire inside of Gabie grew thinking about everything he gave up for a company that quickly dropped him with not as much as a care for his safety. Gabie knew he had to do something else in life, but first, he had to get his body back. 

Every single day, he would stand up just to fall on his face. He would knock himself out or hurt himself daily. He did this over and over again until one day, he stood for three seconds. He knew that was the beginning of the bright future ahead of him. It took eight months of hard physical work to get to a point of being able to walk on a treadmill assisted. That achievement just powered him to do more until he was able to walk unassisted with a walker two years later. 

He had achieved something no one thought was possible. It was just the beginning. 

The Fight of an Entrepreneur 

Gabie was always an entrepreneur at heart. When in first grade, he would sell watches for a profit. He bought the watches for $15 to $20 and sold them for $70 to $100. When he was older, he would buy candy and sell them for double to the kids in class. They couldn’t get it otherwise, so the demand was high. 

This lesson he learned as a child led Gabie to become the great salesman he is today. 

Joshua’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Joshua doesn’t want anyone to go through what he did only to find out they had been working for someone else’s good fortune. This is what he has to say to all entrepreneurs or those thinking of becoming one:

Take a deep look in the mirror and decide right now if you want to spend the rest of your life safely tip-toeing your way to the grave giving days and hours of your life to a company that just looks at you like a number?

Don’t allow your boss to go on vacation with his family and buy luxury vehicles because of your hard work. Instead, use your hard work to do something for yourself. Learn a new skill so you can take care of yourself because your boss may not care if something ever happens to you. 

Always remember, successful people make decisions fast and they rarely change their minds. Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their minds often. 

Stay consistent. You’re only three feet away from gold. 

Don’t limit yourself. 

When things are working, be aware and prepared. When things are not working, be disruptive and creative. 

Sharpen your mind. Read books. 

Be aware of what you take into your subconscious mind through audio, visually, music, tv-shows, and movies. 

Pay attention to who you surround yourself with. 

Gabie had everything ripped away from him except for his knowledge and mindset. That is what carried him through his darkest hours and helped him rebuild his life. Strengthen your knowledge and mindset now to help you build a life you can be proud of and confident in when times get rough, as you know it will someday. Gabie had to learn the hard way, but you’re learning it the easy way – right here, right now.

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