Kyte Music: A DIY Music Distribution Platform Founded by Sonu, for Independent Artists and Labels

They helped many labels and artists distribute their albums on digital sites and to get featured on digital platforms.

Your throat feels dry, your stomach is knotted, your hands clammy, and you feel out of breath all of a sudden. About why? You have had the gut-wrenching revelation that there was a huge mistake you made.

We’ve all been there. And while that moment of utter fear is undoubtedly enough to inspire you to cower under your desk, it’s not your best course of action, you already know. The best thing about mistakes is that they are made by everyone. Nobody is exempt from stuffing up, from the footy mentor to the Australian cricket captain. Learning a lesson and trying to do better next time around is the main thing.

Every so often, an accident is bigger than a fast fix, and it’s all right, too. Yet learning about them and improving our ways can also take us longer. In all cases, the most essential thing is to recognize what’s happened and step on, rather than beat yourself up for it.
Today we will talk about a guy, who has done many things by himself and has also made many mistakes, but he has learned most things from his mistakes. He believes that we should know what mistakes we have made, so we can avoid repeating that mistakes again.

Swarndeep Sinha better known as Sonu Sinha, is an entrepreneur and musician who founded KYTE MUSIC , born in Silchar and brought up in Guwahati. He had completed his higher studies from KV Masimpur & now Pursuing BCom in Gauhati University. He always wanted to work related to entertainment and music field, so he got the chance to work in this field. For now, Kyte Music is a project that he has done to date.

Describing about the KYTE MUSIC it was founded by Sonu in 2019, is an Indian-based independent music distribution and publishing company, one of India’s top digital music distribution and marketing company operating from India and Canada, which decided to modify the digital music industry, especially empowering independent and emerging artists and labels to reach millions of audiences worldwide. During this Pandemic, many companies in this industry have suffered some losses, where KYTE MUSIC, helped many labels and artists distribute their albums on digital sites and to get featured on digital platforms.

The business specializes mainly in music distribution, optimization of Youtube channels, marketing, collecting publishing royalties, & copyright protection and publication of music.

Kyte Music tries to make it easy for new and established artists & Labels to sell their music online across major global stores, including Spotify, Amazon, Wynk, Hungama, iTunes and others. This DIY platform allows their users to upload their music or music videos, complete with metadata and the music will be on online streaming platforms in just few hours.. Kyte Music has monetized nearly 100 million+ views a month as of January 2021.

The organization started by publishing localized songs from numerous states and provinces, later accessible to everyone, moving to the DIY platform, enabling local artists and labels to market their music internationally and reach a broader audience worldwide.
Kyte Music has created a delivery software that is currently in beta version; it will be released shortly for both Android and iOS operating systems, enabling users to upload and distribute their track in just a few minutes from their phone directly to Tidal, Wynk, Amazon, iTunes JioSaavn and all other major stores. Live metrics, artist profiles, and payout requests, smart connections can be monitored and any other promotional functionality available on the app can be used.

His dream is to expand the business worldwide & supporting and providing best & comfortable services to his clients.
Every time a track generates sales or streams, the artist or labels receives a royalty. With Kyte Music, artist/or labels can generate more revenues on their music videos on YouTube or VEVO. They can track sales data for all of their releases so they can see how their tracks are performing across streaming Platforms.

Never before has it been so easy to distribute music, everything has gone digital, As an independent artist or label is important to understand the business ,also emerging artist has to face some difficulties to publish their tracks on digital streaming platforms, but publishing to digital sites is not enough where Kyte Music not only distribute, it also provide promotional tools, artist tools and informational resources that you need to succeed in the new music industry environment, they also provide some other services such as playlist pitching, YouTube Promotions, SEO , SMO, Spotify windowing. Spotify allows windowing users to publish their releases 14 days before their digital distribution, specifically for Spotify Premium users.

Talking about the platform, Sonu Sinha Said, “Since the founding of Kyte Music has my goal has been to empower independent musicians or labels to reach them millions of audiences around the world and get success in this industry. The startup is looking to catch the next superstars that haven’t yet been discovered, they have the talent but don’t efficient resources, so we provide our services at comfortable price to attract a large group of potential hit makers with covering all major streaming and digital download platforms. We have experienced dedicated teams located across India and Canada and experienced in incredible growth and are deeply honored to serve every musician or label who has chosen Kyte Music as part of their journey.”

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Written by Garry Logan

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