Md Sakib Bin Azad, A Rising Successful Music Artist and Entrepreneur

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Md Sakib bin Azad went viral with the song ‘Shohena Jatona’ sung by Arifin Shuvoo and Dilshad Nahar Kona from the movie ‘Agnee’. The time was February 2014. He then solidified his position as a young musician with basic songs. In the last Eid-ul-Azha, Md Sakib Bin Azad has given his music to several songs.

That list includes a new song titled ‘Mind Set’.The song was composed by Md Sakib Bin Azad. The song, produced under the banner of Splash Premier Productions, was released on Eid on their YouTube channel.

According to the production company, Md Sakib Bin Azad, a popular singer of the present time, sang the song with a lot of compassion. The listeners liked the song. Md Sakib Bin Azad said, ‘I have jingled 3 advertisements before. My experience has been very good. ‘ Sakib further said, I got the response because I was able to work with an open mind.

My colleagues are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I learned a lot of new things by working with them. It’s a big deal that people are taking my job in a good way. I am overwhelmed by the prayers and love of the people.

The young artist has created quite a stir in the media by covering several songs. Meanwhile, lyricist Someshwar Oli praised Md Sakib Bin Azad and said, ‘Sakib gave the audience a lot of good music. He has tried to become a different musician. ‘

Besides being a musician, Sakib is an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a freelancer. From an early age, he has left his mark on the national and international stage. He is one of the top digital marketers. He was very interested in these from a young age. He is a musician as well as a verified publisher of Google and Facebook.

He works with content on Facebook, making various videos. In this age of information technology, he explains and inspires people how digital marketing and freelancing make a person financially and socially, competent and established in their personal life.

Md Sakib Bin Azad is the role model of millions of youth today. He has made a place in everyone’s heart through his work. He has been very active since childhood. Even though he is a child of a middle-class family, today he is representing his country at the international level with his talent and labour. Truly today he is a true inspiration.

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