Meet Kyle Godfrey, the Face Behind the Internet’s New Squad: Prime Capitol

Courtesy of Prime Capitol

When people think of young, internet sensations, their head automatically jumps to David Dobrick-Esque, vlog, day-to-day life type of content, or classic Tik Tok content – for example, dances, 15-second long videos, and so on. But Kyle Godfrey, also known as Stromedy, has taken the social media scene by surprise with his almost tv-show-like structure YouTube channel. With a fan base of over 3 million, Kyle has reached lengths of success that Canadian YouTubers have seldom seen in the past. More recently, Kyle and his squad, also known as Prime Capitol, have taken a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles to further expand their social media presence.

The group of young creatives currently live north of Melrose and have named their LA house “The Circus.” The members of the Circus have major plans to take over the Los Angeles scene “through never before seen pranks, stunts, and all-around good humor. We’re basically doing what we were doing in Canada, but bringing it to LA and taking a crazier twist on things. There’s nothing too crazyfor Stromedy Squad to take on.” Their move to Los Angeles comes after Prime Capitol realized they were ready to take on new challenges and target a newer group of people to entertain and ultimately, prank. When asked what the biggest difference between Prime Capitol was in LA and Canada, the team replied, “I think the biggest difference between Prime Capitol in LA vs Prime Capitol in Canada is that in LA, we came to conquer. Canada was our starting point, LA is our end goal. There are so many opportunities in LA that we can take on that we didn’t have in Canada and we are super excited about that. Being able to grow as a content house but also as our own, individual brand is an opportunity that we could only really accomplish in a city that is home to so many cool up and coming creators.” 

Because of his bold nature, Kyle has stunned individuals all over the city of Los Angeles with his epic clown content. From airplanes to beaches, Kyle is just getting started! The clowns seem to represent Prime Capitol and their humor. Kyle stated, “I feel like clowns never really go “out of style.” People were scared of clowns 100 years ago, and still are today. They’re classic. Who doesn’t love a good clown prank!” That is something that we couldn’t agree more with. If you see a clown around LA, be quick to assume that is the Prime Cap squad! While the squad is just getting started, they have numerous amount of accomplishments under their belt. From purchasing homes that are over 2 million dollars, collaborating with content creators that hone millions of followers, and more, we can assume that Prime Capitol will be LA’s IT squad in 2021! Be sure to keep up with Kyle and Prime Capitol on Instagram at @stromedykyle and @primecapitol. 

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