Meet Mithila Purohit, A Talented Actress, Multi-talented Individual, Starting her own Fashion Brand

She was born in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and currently lives in Mumbai. She started her career in 2012. She has acted on TV serials, Punjabi films, and various other short films. She also won the title of Miss Khoobsurat in the year 2013. Mithila Purohit is many skills and talents which include acting, dance, music, and cooking. She also has a Youtube channel. She has acted in a short film called “Studio Apartment”.

Mithila purohit has had a very successful career and has acted in various TV serials and movies. These include ‘Mi Aazi Aur Saheb’ which was broadcasted on NDTV Imagine in 2021. The name of her character was Aishwariya. In 2013, she acted in two serials. The first one was called ‘Mrs. Koushik ki Paanch Bahuien’ that was on Zee TV and she portrayed the character of Guddi.

The second one was ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’, also on Zee TV, where she portrayed the character of Prema. In 2017, she acted in ‘Vekh Baraatan Challiya’, a Punjabi movie, and her character was named Omni. Finally, in 2018, she acted in another Punjabi movie called ‘Mr. And Mrs. 420 Returns’ where she portrayed the character of Banjaran.

Talking about her future plans, Mithila purohit is coming up with a lot of projects in Bollywood but she can’t reveal them as they are under projection. She wants to work on international and Hollywood projects and it is one of her life goals. Mithila purohit wants society to know that this world is a great place because of outstanding women. They are the architect of a family, society, nation, and the world. We should encourage, love, care, and always make them stronger.

She has a lot of followers on Instagram, sixty-seven thousand and counting.

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