Meet the Girl Saving Comedy

In a time where the world seems extra sensitive with tensions running high on every side of the political spectrum, the comedians not afraid of cancel culture continue to be the shining light of hope and sanity for us all.  Leading the pack with viral hit after viral hit is the most unlikely comedic esthetic: the 5’9” blonde-haired blue-eyed “cheerleader Barbie” of comedy…Nicole Arbour.

Known for her controversial viral hits like “Why Dating is Fu*ked” and the epic takedown of snake oil guru Jay Shetty, Nicole is a new breed of a female comedians. Unapologetic, brave, yet feminine.

The physical comedy of Lucille Ball with Carlin-esque cutting social commentary. She’s uncensored, she’s playful, and she recently personified the flu in the now-viral video where she plays the disgruntled virus.

It’s so simple. She has a piece of tape across her chest that says flu. But the concept, the writing, and the execution rocket Nicole to clear future legend status.  

Sure, she may have had some missteps and trips along the way in her very public rise to fame (see the multitude of hate videos from non-comedic influencers), but when her open mic night is in front of millions of fans, the stakes are always high. And the higher the stakes, the harder she seems to be swinging.

Her character Candi, the ’50s-reminiscent Minnesota housewife who was saved by Jesus after being a stripper is nothing short of outstanding. In her introduction Candi teaches us how to make a gingerbread house in 2020.  You think it’s a baking tutorial, until you realize it’s biting political commentary on BLM and lockdowns.

I won’t wreck the ending, but it’s fire.

When Candi came back, she showed us how to make amends. A recipe to make, A MENDS. It’s genius. The type of genius an entire writing room at SNL hasn’t been able to give us in years.

Aside from her comedy, Nicole who has emerged as “un-cancellable” (with over a billion video views and 5 million fans online), continues to inspire her audience aka the #GOTEAM with hard hitting motivational truth bombs. They’re lethal, she doesn’t hold back, and her unwavering honesty on topics ranging from suicide to relationships and politics makes her the most refreshing account to follow on Instagram.

Nicole Arbour is hands down THE rising comedic star of 2021, and the hilarious free speech savior we all deserve.

You can follow Nicole on Instagram: @ibnicolearbour.

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