Michael Giannulis Offers Tips for Fortifying Cybersecurity for Your Small Business

Big businesses and even small ones invest consistently in boosting their digital presence and refining their remote work environments for providing superlative experience and service to all parties concerned. Today customers need your assurance that they can visit your website safely without jeopardizing the security of their most sensitive data and information. Customers do not want their valuable information to be misused or hijacked. Moreover, employees should feel adequately knowledgeable, secure, and safe enough to use valuable online communication networks for working on some sensitive business data. Your organization’s growth and reputation are dependent on your effective cybersecurity strategy. Every transaction and interaction must have a solid foundation of security for ensuring that your organization achieves the desired growth over a period of time. Here are some simple measures to take to fortify your cybersecurity stratagem. It is a good idea to seek assistance from a reliable IT consultant who could provide accurate assessments and suggestions for mitigating cybersecurity threats and risks.

Security Should Be the Backbone of Your Organization’s Onboarding Process Says Mike Giannulis

Your organization’s HR department should regard cybersecurity as an integral part of your onboarding process. Cybersecurity should be one of the key aspects of training for all employees, especially newly-hired ones. New candidates should be aware of their role and function in assuring the security of valuable business data and sensitive information. They should be well-equipped with the knowledge of implementation of fundamental principles like identifying phishing and email scams, and password management, etc.

Establishing a Robust & Secure IT Infrastructure

The foundation of your security practices essentially is your organization’s IT infrastructure that holds your communication apps, stores your data, and even accesses your accounts, both external and internal. Today, instead of conventional systems, more and more businesses are embracing advanced HCI integrated solutions. Michael Giannulis thinks that HCI integrated solutions help in seamlessly integrating secure cloud systems with cutting-edge hardware for secure collaboration, data storage, and advanced cybersecurity.

HCI means hyper-converged infrastructure that enables the use of robust local hardware with smart effective software solutions that are stored safely on the cloud. It helps to ensure a powerful hybrid solution known for outperforming legacy hardware systems, including their numerous limitations.

Change Passwords Regularly & Use Complex Passwords

It is of pivotal importance to use a strong or complex password to make things difficult for hackers. You must ensure that you are using a password generator tool or implementing a system that involves a reasonable degree of complexity in passwords. To make things even more secure, get into the habit of changing passwords on a regular basis.

Stay Updated on Antimalware & Antivirus Protection

It is mandatory to use professional-grade antimalware and antivirus protection for your organization’s valuable data. You must examine and ensure that all devices utilized by your organization are having the latest and updated de-bugged versions of operating systems and software.


Technology takes major leaps every now and then. However, hackers are not left way behind. They are consistently refining hacking methods and penetrating security systems, and stealing valuable data and information. All businesses must take cybersecurity measures quite seriously. You must consistently go about investing in cutting-edge techniques that promise more effective and greater solutions that seem to be optimal for your organization.


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