Michael John Mendoza Launches new Venture “Hustle With God”

Young minds have to be shown the right path to glory and Mendoza has done just that through his new venture.

Michael John Mendoza has been a successful entrepreneur who has created a distinct mark for himself in the world of business. His branding expertise has helped many individuals, brands and businesses gain that cutting edge to excel in their respective work. With the introduction of his new venture ‘Hustle With God’, he is out to change the lives of youth who have lost focus in life and motivate them to give their best. Mendoza is not a new name and has become popular owing to his philanthropic nature which has helped many in the past.

He says he wants to take a step ahead and that’s the reason he’s launched ‘Hustle With God’, which is aimed at helping people across the world. He says, “I want to reach as many people as I can and create that much-required impact which will make them a better person and bring the best out of them. My target is the youth whom I want to provide the right platform to extract their maximum potential which would benefit them in the long run.”

He strongly believes that the world needs the right kind of contribution from individuals with the right kind of approach to make it a better place to live in. Youths are the future, and if guided the right way, can create a much better tomorrow is what his views are, and one of the biggest reasons behind starting this venture. Many have the hidden potential but don’t have the right opportunity or channel that can tap that right energy and bring out the best in them.

Their voices are literally unheard which makes it difficult for them to convert their life of dreams to reality. The change is immediately needed or else they will head towards an uncertain future. With ‘Hustle With God’, Mendoza wants to change the narrative. He plans to donate a large part of the proceeds to children across the globe who need support and requires nurturing at every stage of their lives. He says that helping young minds through his philanthropic initiatives is his only Motto in life and he’s looking forward to making it a big success.

Apart from working on these noble causes, Michael John Mendoza is also the founder of Art Smart Group, a New York-based printing and branding company that helps its clients to develop a strong market presence and gives a boost to their revenues.

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Written by Garry Logan

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