Mod570: Where Music and Fashion Meet

Mod570 is a brand for creators because the people behind it understand how difficult it can be to be a creator, sometimes. 

In many ways, music and fashion have gone hand in hand for years now. Musical artists are one of our first beacons of style, as a society, so that might explain why more and more musicians are entering the fashion world, launching their very own clothing lines, shoe lines, make-up lines, etc. However, though many people do it, few can truly boast long-lasting success. Launching a successful fashion brand is a careful blend of several factors: you must put out clothing that is accessible, not just in terms of money, but also in style. Most people aren’t going to dress like musicians do in a music video, or for an award, but are looking for something more laid-back that would be a good fit for their everyday life.

This brings us to Mod570. Now, Mod570 is one of America’s most happening fashion brands today, and for good reason. Founded early on in 2020 by musician Thomas Arden Burnell (known professionally as Arden), Mod570 is a leisure activewear brand that fits well with almost any lifestyle. Why? Because it’s largely not about the lifestyle, but rather the personal journey of the wearer. Designed with creators in mind, Mod570’s Prototype collection (largely sold out on the Mod570 website at the moment of this writing) involves a lot of casual blacks and minimalist goodness. 

With Mod570, you’ve got style, maximizing all the best aspects of black clothing, but you’ve also got a great deal of comfort. In other words, it’s ideal apparel for the dedicated, busy creator who is creating his legacy now, to quote the brand itself.

Mod570 is also about music. As a rap, hip-hop, and R&B artist himself, Arden is all too familiar with the hustling life, and with the creative process. Having started Mod570 as an outlet for his designer creativity, he now helms it with the unique insight of a musician and artist. Because of this, Mod570’s style is a beautiful blend of determination, inner strength, positive attitude, and of course, creativity. 

Mod570 is a brand for creators because the people behind it understand how difficult it can be to be a creator, sometimes.

All that being said, Mod570 isn’t solely for the artsy types. As a versatile entrepreneur himself, young Arden also aims his activewear at professional hustlers and entrepreneurs in any and every domain. Mod570 is for the modern business owner, the guy just starting out, betting everything on his dream. The producers are spending far too much time in the studio. Put simply, it’s about anyone who’s got a story to tell and is determined to tell it. 

This is what makes Mod570 so successful. It’s not aimed solely at the artists putting out the good tunes you’re enjoying at the moment, but also aimed at you. In the first place, because it brings you closer to your favorite artists, among which (we hope) is the immensely talented Arden, himself. But Mod570 is easy to love because it accommodates your own particular journey and creative hustle. Regardless if you’re a traditional creator or not.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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