Olivia Molina, as an Ace Entrepreneur Is Going Beyond Boundaries in the Business World

We may have come across so many individuals who had something different to offer us through the different ventures they have created. Ever wondered what are those things have kept all these people different from each other. Well, all boils down to one thing and that is pure persistence. With persistence and courage, one can pass through any hurdles or struggles in life proves Olivia Molina, a beautiful lady and talent from Argentina, who now is making it huge in the entrepreneurial world of the US. “Being consistent with my efforts and growing with the attitude of ‘everything is possible’, I was able to push limits and go beyond boundaries to create a unique niche for myself in the entrepreneurial world”, says the Argentinian beauty.

Born in 1989 in Argentina, Olivia Molina grew up to be an individual who valued true persistence and hard work and hence started working very early in life. After school, she studied about bartending with the aim to become one and even worked in Mexico for a bar. At the age of 15, she studied modelling from Ricardo Pineiro agency and went ahead to study fashion styling and makeup. Her modeling career began with a boom and Olivia Molina started getting several modeling assignments, which later also took her to the acting world. Olivia Molina has played the character of Fel√≠citas Olga as a co-protagonist in the popular soap opera ‘Patito Feo’. Along with this, she did many plays as well to progress further as an actress.

For her quest to achieve a bigger name in the modeling world, she started working with CR Models, worked for them, collected an extensive database, and started her own image modeling, matchmaking & concierge company in Europe. Diving deeper into entrepreneurship, in Dubai, Olivia Molina started her tourism and concierge company called ‘Blue Ocean Services, exclusively for VIP clients for serving them with exceptional services in booking flights, hotels & other related services, which earned her a net worth of 500k a year. She is now a resident of LA and is growing her businesses from there.

Today, Olivia Molina is a multiple business owner, who owns her PR agency that helps people and brands gain the presence and reach they need in their respective field. She also owns Main Squeeze, an organic and vegan smoothie and juice bar in Santa Monica California, as she confesses she is obsessed with healthy habits and hence came up with this. Talking about the idea of her new matchmaking business, Olivia Molina says that she heard people talk about a website, where one needs to pay a membership for finding rich husbands. She knew many models and rich guys and figured why not introduce them to each other.

Olivia Molina confesses that she raised funding for her businesses by investing in bitcoin. It seems there’s no way this exceptional talent is looking to stop anytime soon. We only wish her the best in all her business ventures. Follow her on Instagram, @molina.oliviaa to know more.

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