Relationship Support in Modern Society

Many people are unsure of how to navigate their interpersonal relationships and don’t know where to get help. John De Oca at ​​The Relationship Prescriber is helping people improve their work and personal relationships. John has years of experience and wants to share that with others.

John is a board-certified nurse practitioner and nurse coach with the ultimate goal to help people understand how they show up in relationships and how to create and repair their relationships to be more rewarding and fulfilling. John believes that our relationships reflect how we really see ourselves, so his work starts inward to make an outward effect. Growth & Development is an ongoing process and an activity we should invest time in as we do fitness, nutrition, beauty and other errands and habits

John founded his company The Relationship Prescriber three years ago with the main goal of having his clients achieve fulfilment in their lives through improving their relationships. John focuses on four relationship types; self, romance, friendship, and work relationships. We live in an interconnected world where it is impressive for people to connect with others. John is changing these relationships by working with individuals, groups and incorporate important coaching skills and relationship principles that are integral for these goals.

Relationships are the focus of his business, so anyone that has struggled or wants to improve their relationships are his client. John can focus on any of the four relationship types or he can help tackle them holistically, which is often more beneficial. It allows for the client to truly recognize patterns that may be hindering them across the board.

John’s goal is to share impact as best he can, so he has allowed his services to range from 1:1 coaching to group coaching and speaking at events. John is also designing courses to help independent clients learn, as well as providing smaller services, such as dating profile assistance, dating messaging assistance and image consulting.

John has always had an underlying interest in social dynamics and interpersonal relationships. Having held numerous jobs and worked as a nurse practitioner in various clinical settings, John started to see how crucial relationships are to everything we do. Working the past new years in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, John started to look at his clients more holistically and realize how important inner work is and how the message needs to get out there.

The services John offers are unique and transcend multiple relationship types as opposed to only being focused on romance and dating. While these elements are very important and take up a lot of time with the clients, John aims to challenge his clients to take a look at the way they show up to all their relationships and to identify missing links and gaps.

To find out more about John and his company The Relationship Prescriber, Find him on Instagram or send him an Email.

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