Rotariu George Overcomes Adverse Circumstances to Become One of the Most Recognisable Entrepreneurs

We have seen and heard of many bright minds in this world who are revolutionising the business world with their innovative and distinct approach which makes them a breed apart from others. Moreover, these talented individuals have put in their best efforts to come out with innovative strategies and successful ideas which have proved to be a boon for their respective industries where they have worked in.

The cryptocurrency sector has also seen an investor par excellence who has gone a step ahead and proved that nothing is impossible if one is passionate to turn their dreams to reality, he is Rotariu George who has excelled in the cryptocurrency industry and is today one of the top Romanian entrepreneurs who is known for his work across different continents.

Rotariu’s name stands amongst the best in the cryptocurrency industry across Romania and the world.

Rotariu George is an experienced businessmen who is known for his dazzling work and services. Since his early days, cryptocurrency and bitcoin investment was one concern which drew him towards it and seeing its astounding growth over the years, he had made up his mind to make a career out of it going ahead. Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania – Rotariu was well acquainted with the workings of the country which has now led him to open his own successful company now. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Bitcoin Romania’ and owns over 40 ATM’s spread all over the country.

Rotariu’s work has also been featured in many news sites and different magazines too!

Today, Rotariu has a rich experience in the investment sector, be it buying, selling, consulting or training, he is well versed with all and holds in-depth knowledge in various verticals.

He is a good testimony to the idea that although certain people are naturally entrepreneurial, entrepreneurship is open to everyone who will work hard. However, Rotariu also has a virtuous fashion and dressing sense. Having over 11k followers on Instagram is a big deal! He keeps his followers posted on his Instagram profile consistently.

Rotariu is truly an inspiration for all those people who want to pursue their careers in the entrepreneurial world. Moreover, his journey contains a lot of positive things that every budding entrepreneur should learn to excel in their career.

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