Stoned Fine Jewelry: The New Way To Do Luxury

Purchasing a new piece of jewelry can be a commitment. High-quality jewelry is an investment – timeless materials like gold and diamonds have been in high demand for centuries, which isn’t changing anytime soon. But when it comes down to picking a piece and knowing that it will be something you’ll love for life, it’s not always as easy or stress-free of a process.

Miami-based entrepreneur Eve Gay recognizes this and with her brand, Stoned Fined Jewelry is changing the way people all around the world shop for fine jewelry. Stoned is a one-stop shop for any and all diamonds, precious stones, and high-end jewelry needs.

This brand is a contactless way to shop luxuriously. Stoned has more than 80 different pieces available on their website, with new collections coming out every season. From rings to tennis bracelets to necklaces or earrings, Stoned has it all. Shopping for timeless jewelry has never been easier, as all in-stock pieces are able to ship in 10-20 days.

Eve Gay made it her mission to assemble hand-crafted pieces from only the finest and most responsibly sourced materials. Stoned’s diamonds are ethically sourced from suppliers who follow conflict-free practices and only Kimberly Process certified diamonds are used. Top-quality is assured, as all precious and semi-precious gemstones are AAA grades – they are considered the rarest and most valuable.

Not only does Stoned offer a wide collection already in stock on their website, but as a personal top-tier diamond concierge, Eve Gay and her team also make custom pieces for clients. VIP clients like Kendall Jenner and Ireland Baldwin have been seen wearing Stoned Fine Jewelry.

These clients, amongst many others, have worn Stoned jewels on a day-to-day, and while is Stoned is loved by the A-listers, the diamond company has been featured in popular media outlets all around the world, such as Tatler, Playboy, PEOPLE, E! News, Daily Mail, and more.

Ireland Baldwin for Stoned Fine Jewelry, Courtesy of Eve Gay

Having said that, you don’t need to be a celebrity to take advantage of the glamorous valuables that Stoned has to offer. The 24/7 diamond concierge is available for anyone and offers unique assistance to clients by providing curated consultations.

Wondering what pairs well with the pieces in your cart? Or wanting to create something entirely from scratch? Via video chat, the concierge assists with sizing, styling, and allows you to see all of your picks up close. Stoned is here to help you get inspired when it comes to one of life’s many luxuries.

Each concierge appointment is catered to your personal style and needs, whether that’s finding your first piece or customizing more pieces that work well with what you already own. Stoned Fine Jewelry has created a simple, straightforward way for customers to shop for (or create) luxury fine jewelry pieces.

For all things Stoned and for live updates, including giveaway and collaborations, be sure to visit the brand’s Instagram and website!

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