Streignth Sportswear: A Mission to Empower

Shane Skaar’s Streignth sees impressive growth in just two years, and makes a positive impact in the process.

Shane Skaar

Hitting the ground running in early 2019, Streignth Sportswear has made an impressive run within the first two years of business. A brand made for anyone looking to strive for more, the appeal of Streignth’s branding, message, and products has begun to spread like wildfire.

Streignth’s mission statement is all you need to understand the brand. “Create the greatest version of yourself and always strive for more. Never settling. Always hungry for more. Stand out. Stay hungry. And Reign.” Meant to encourage and empower, Streignth has proven its dedication to supporting not only supporters of the brand, but its entire community.

Headed by founder Shane Skaar, Streignth has made major community efforts to help benefit those close to home. Most notably, in collaboration with the La Crosse Health Department and the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Streignth has brought over 6,000 masks to the public during the global pandemic. The growing brand was even featured on multiple news networks thanks to the community efforts and impressive reputation that Streignth has grown in such a small period of time.

Since Streignth’s inception, the brand has gained an impressive customer base across the midwest and has sold products across the nation to all 50 states. With continued growth and success, the brand has created a platform for positivity and physical wellness, backed by an ambassador program and even personal trainer sessions.

The brand is making moves to expand its range of products, releasing its brand new collection “The Golden Standard”. Symbolizing “setting yourself up in the best position possible to succeed and live your life to the fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually”, the new release includes a quality range of hoodies, joggers, long sleeves, cut-offs, and even a windbreaker – all featuring an elegant gold variation of the Streignth logo.

As the brand pushes further along into maturity and success, founder Shane Skaar is hoping to see more and more growth and empowerment happen among those in the Streignth community. Overcoming many challenges himself, Skaar has said the greatest accomplishment with his brand is seeing it make a difference for those around him. With Streignth seeing an impressive upward trend, it’d be no surprise to see Skaar’s brand make a global impact in the years to come.

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Christian Anderson

Written by Christian Anderson

Founder & President of Lost Boy Entertainment Company

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