The Expert Sergej Heck Answers Our Questions About Blockchain, Fintech, and Decentralized Investment Opportunities

Blockchain and fintech technologies are winning in the 21st century more and more attention. Most people became aware of what a decentralized currency is, at the latest, after the invention of Bitcoin. However, most people do not realize the potential of the fintech industry. This is precisely the topic that expert Sergej Heck has dealt with over years. Previously, Heck had already gained a lot of experience in online marketing, sales, and in the investment industry. With his company, Marketpeak, which is based in Dubai, he creates new opportunities for companies and private investors. So we were all the happier that Heck was able to answer our questions about Blockchain and Fintech.

Why He Founded Marketpeak

After I realized in my job that I want to be more than just an employee, my motivation drove me to educate myself about entrepreneurship and online marketing. So I invested 10,000 Euros in a course from the US. In my opinion, this was one of the best investments I had made for my life. After that, I started with my two blogs, “Coinkurier. de” and “Blockchain-hero. com”. With these two blogs, I still generate between 300,000 and 600,000 clicks per month. I founded Marketpeak in May of 2019. Decentralization has always been a priority for me and my company. At the same time, I wanted to create innovative solutions for problems that many companies and investors have to struggle with in day-to-day life.

What Makes Marketpeak Different From Other Investment Platforms

Most of the services and products are tokenized. This enables us to offer these to our members at special conditions and to simplify access to investment projects. This is made possible by our own PEAK token. In addition, we offer our members not only investment opportunities but also education programs. There, our members are trained in topics like Blockchain, DeFi, and Marketing. With this training, our members are able to better assess and evaluate other projects in the future. At the same time, we give our members an advantage by giving them the chance to be involved in a project at an early stage. This maximizes the profits they earn from a project.

How Marketpeak Minimizes Risk

Every investor knows the sentence: “Without risk, no return”. Nevertheless, we at Marketpeak are convinced that it is possible to significantly minimize the risk when you are investing. Therefore we only work with certain companies. Of course, every company has the possibility to send us a request for listing. However, the project will be precisely reviewed by our team before it will be released to our community.

How Heck Responds to Scam Claims

Dealing with Hate as an entrepreneur is nothing new. We at Marketpeak have investigated these claims to find out what these people understand as “scam”. However, we investigated these claims, and we have noticed that none of these claims are true and these people also have not tested Marketpeak. Therefore, I would recommend everyone have their own experience with Marketpeak and form their own opinion about the platform.

Heck’s Vision for the Future

My goal is to create even greater added value for other people. With Marketpeak, I have built a good base. Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, I am aware that a person can always develop and improve themself and their business. This is also my vision for Marketpeak and future projects like

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