The Helping Hands During Crisis

The months of April and May witnessed the worst scenario in the country where countless families were left helpless in the streets in trying to save their family members or their near ones. On the one hand innumerable people were hit hard with the second wave of covid and cried for help to save lives, whereas on the other many were left empty stomachs.

In such a state, when even friends and relatives feared to extend help, there were many selfless souls who came out to extend support to the affected people in every way they could. Akhilesh Kant Jha, an active leader of BJP keeping aside all political status, moved out to help the critical patients and the bereaved families.
Akhilesh Kant Jha has been serving selflessly as a covid support volunteer and reaching to the common masses to meet their emergency requirements.

He connected to the young volunteers who were out in the streets to help the patients’ attendants right from helping them to get hospital beds, oxygen, medicines, ventilator beds and ambulances. He is active 24/7 accepting the requests of the patients’ families and catering to their needs.

In the capital where the entire medical system had only ten ECMO beds for the patients and there was hue and cry for its booking procedure, Akhilesh Kant Jha personally managed to arrange ECMO beds for many patients. He has also helped many affected families with free food and ration.

The battle is still on, although the cases have come down. He is still reaching the needy and has activated his team to reach everyone in emergency requirement. He is seen very active on Twitter these days where many volunteers are seen to approach him for help and support.

He is an example to the nation that in a pandemic situation, one should rise above party and politics and be a helping hand to everyone in need. He says,
“I will keep doing my part and rest is all on God…”

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