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Getting that desired position or role after an interview is the dream of every candidate. Unfortunately, most applicants prepare and focus on their academic credentials, only to be turned down. That’s why Michael Boyd gives applicants a simple online way to increase success during an interview or get a promotion. 

With over 20 years of experience, this professional recruiter is best positioned to help candidates follow the right path and strategies to help them stand out. In addition, Michael created Career Crossroads International that hosts an online psychometric tool to equip candidates and prevent them from underselling themselves. This increases the value of these prospective employees. 

According to research, self-organization and interpersonal abilities contribute 50% success during interviews. And once hired, these soft skills help the new employee navigate the workplace with ease, resulting in greater career fulfillment. 

According to Michael, “Soft skills are the ‘social lubricant’ for success and are as important as ‘hard’ technical skills when it comes to winning and succeeding in a new role.’’ As such, a deeper understanding will transform the perception of personal development and change the lives of many employees. 

He adds, “Soft skills make a demonstrable difference in an individual’s performance in the workplace, resulting in higher job satisfaction, better work relationships and greater productivity.”

Michael started his talent acquisition career in 2003 as a consultant at a publicly listed global company after 18 years of holding regional and national industry roles in the USA, Canada and Australia. He quickly moved up the ladder as the Business Manager, leading teams across a number of sectors, ultimately moving to executive search, where he delivered enviable results. 

Later, Michael founded Career Crossroads International in 2014 as a reliable talent management partner for companies seeking to identify talents and individuals who want to grow their careers.

As a result, he was awarded accreditation in Everything DiSC, Genesys Psychometric Testing, and is currently completing his Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner course. In May 2021, he was also featured in the Australian Business Journal list of The 10 Career Coaches To Watch in 2021. 

Understanding the importance of soft skills in career growth, in 2020, Michael created and launched Career Crossroads International (CCI) online psychometric assessment tool for individuals to identify and improve their soft skills.  Based on research and a subsequent white paper, this first release aimed at helping people understand their soft skills and their importance in workplaces. 

This first version received an overwhelming response from candidates requesting more information and providing valuable data and feedback. This outcome helped Michael update to the latest version, released in July 2021, that contains major improvements based on feedback from global users.

This recent version provides each user with a detailed set of results. They include personalised coaching suggestions and three follow-up paragraphs that summarize the recipient’s Innovation, Problem-Solving and Resilience abilities. These can be used in their CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile or during an interview.

The best part is that the assessment tool is affordable since it costs just $3.50 and it’s available online at

Michael affirms that this updated version helps job applicants gain deeper insights and better understand their soft skills. In addition, this will provide a competitive edge, ensuring they stand above their peers. 

Michael continues, “The program’s value was demonstrated by a survey of people who had completed the first version, with an overwhelming 98 percent confirming that their results were accurate.” He adds, “I encourage others to give the program a go, share their thoughts and pass along the link to anyone who can benefit from a better understanding of their soft skills and where their strengths and growth areas lie.”

To gain more insights on soft skills, Check out the CCI website and you can reach out to Michael by clicking here or contact the CCI team

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