The Singing Sensation for Punjabi Music: Binder Birk

Birk is the newest talent in Punjabi music

Binder Birk is a remarkable singer and lyricist of Punjabi music. This amazing songwriter is taking regional music to a new level. Moreover, the popularity of Punjabi songs is not limited to only the Punjabis. Be it local folks or party songs, almost everybody loves to shake the legs with energetic tunes. However, Binder Birk is mostly into devotional songs. Therefore, if you want to hear some soothing melodies, turn on his albums.

One of the latest albums of this famous artist is Sikhi. It has Bibi Bhupinder Kaur and Khalsa as the lead singers. The overwhelming response from the audience in the world’s different parts turned it to be a great hit of 2020. “Sain Zahoor” also captured the attention of many music lovers. By now, more than four thousand subscribers liked the lovely devotional song. Moreover, Binder Birk presents the songs in association with UpBeat Music. It is the YouTube Channel of this excellent Punjabi singer. Within this short time, the channel is doing a great job, indeed.

The Recent Bunch Of Music

After the success of various hit songs with Ranjit Rana, Naseebo Lal, Sain Zahoor the fans of Binder Birk were eagerly waiting for another exciting video. The singer did not disappoint his followers. In 2021, a fabulous album was launched on YouTube from his company, UpBeat Music. However, in this video also you will not see Binder in the role of the singer. He is actually the composer of this lovely Punjabi beat. The title of the album is “Tutte Taara,” sung by Ranjit Rana. Jassi Brothers are the accompanied musicians for this song, There are many songs written by Binder birk and some of them are listed blow -: One of the melodious song is by Naseebo lal “Intezaar”, Sher Miandad Khan “Dil da dard”, Ishq sung by Maratab ali, “Zindagi” sung by Upinder Matharu, “Ramza babe nanak diyan” by legendary singer Sain Zahoor.

Love of the Fans

Are you a lover of Punjabi music? Then you must try the compositions of Binder Birk. Both romantic and devotional songs from the pen of this great man will leave a compelling effect. Moreover, the success of a few recent albums gradually converted a simple man into a celebrity. Binder still believes that songs come directly from his heart. Hence, not only for money, he writes songs out of pleasure. In fact, he wants all his followers to remain happy by celebrating peace and love.

The fans can now easily contact the celebrity through his Facebook page and YouTube channel. The link for the official page on Facebook is The fantastic songwriter is a real diamond in the sky of Punjabi music. He proved that not only Bhangra but Punjabi beats could captivate the listeners in other genres too. The launching of his albums on YouTube made his songs reach billions of people all over the world. Therefore, this beautiful step has made him a star overnight. Even some international listeners are also praising his compositions wholeheartedly. Every day thousands of requests come to Binder for writing more such songs. His fresh lyrics truly impress the audience a lot.

Interesting Posts From Birk

Currently, Binder is having more than 21 thousand followers on Facebook. Apart from writing songs, he also participates in various social welfare activities. The song maker writes posts in both Bengali and Punjabi in favor of multiple topics like Guru Nanak and his teachings. Moreover, he even shares the YouTube links for his albums. Several people like his posts and express their opinion in the comment section.


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