Top Online Fitness Coaching Businesses for 2021

Top Online Coaching Businesses for 2021

In March 2020, the CDC declared that Covid-19 had created a global pandemic. As a result, businesses, cities, and countries closed down. Only those that had the ability to either pivot or use this new normal were able to survive. These top coaching companies saw unprecedented growth using digitalization, innovation, and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship. 

With gyms in lockdown, you may be asking why bother to hire an online coach? Without the guidance of a fitness and nutrition professional, many people (including high-level executives) find themselves hitting the ceiling of what they can achieve. Without accountability, those most self-aware knew they would get lacklustre results, if any. 

Using the internet as their platform to deliver their meal plans, programs, and feedback, each of these fitness pros promises to deliver results. But the “coaching” aspect does not remain in just the realm of fitness. Thousands of clients have all remarked that in making the changes to their physical transformation, they also experienced leadership growth, identified and mitigated their weaknesses, and grow as individuals.

Micah lacerte

#6 Micah Lacerte, Owner of Hitch Fit @micahlacerte

Hitch Fit creates customized workout plans, programs, and meal plans for all ages and abilities. From losing weight for beginners to the more advanced and intense methods of bikini and fitness model options.

#5 The Athlete Factory, Founder Phil Greening @PhilGreening

Elite and high-performance coach Phil Greening founded the Athlete Factory. This online business offers global, high-performance consultancy for anyone looking to level up, sports teams to individual athletes looking to complete a marathon at both the national and amateur levels.

Clients are assigned a specific coach who then creates customized plans to guide them to success.

 Max Philisaire

#4 Owner of Max the Body Club @maxthebody

Using his chiseled body with a fat percentage down to a single digit, Max Philisaire promises to help his clients build an elite physique in just 12 weeks with the mindset and lifestyle to make it last.

His mission is to help over 1,000+ men achieve the body of their dreams using three core phases to increase muscle size, definition, and athleticism.

John Berardi

#3 Dr. John Berardi Founder of Precision Nutrition @drjohnberardi

Located in Toronto, what began as an online company for nutrition and lifestyle counseling has now grown into a global business. PN is well known for its nutrition certification, coaching certification, and nutritional software in addition to its lifestyle coaching.

amer kamra

#2 Amer Kamra, Owner of Hammer Fitness @AmerTheHammer

32-year-old Amer Kamra is the founder and owner of world-renowned online fitness companies Hammer Fitness, ManTheFup, and LadyTheFup.

Although Hamer Fitness also has a physical location, its business’s meat and potatoes are online-based, generating 95% of their total revenue.

Amer has been a pioneer in the online space, becoming one of the early adopters of online coaching in 2010 when social media was in its infancy stages.

nick mitchell

#1 Nick Mitchell, Owner of UP Ultimate Performance @heynickmitchell

The once barrister turned banker turned iconic personal trainer touted as a body composition specialist capable of getting his clients into their best shape possible in the quickest amount of time.

Located in London, the UK, this author, and personal trainer have offered the same results with virtual training and plans. 

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