Vianney Merian: How to Become a Millionaire?


Vianney Merian broke onto the scene of earning online by setting out as an entrepreneur at the tender age of 18. 

With little more than a laptop and an internet connection, this young man took his first steps as an entrepreneur by kick-starting his own company. He had a good idea to start a company that would negotiate deals between influencers and the brands that used them. 

After a few months in this business, Vianney realized he was missing a trick. He had the means, the social media status, and the following to become an influencer himself. Why couldn’t he negotiate his deals? To this end, he set out into the big imperfect world of E-commerce… and he hasn’t looked back since.

Eight figures in Less than 4 Years

After this switch-up in the direction, Vianney saw his career go from strength to strength. He developed multiple connections with online sellers to furnish his unique brand of headphones. It wasn’t until Covid-19 struck, however, that his fortune changed forever.

While most of us experienced hardship and job loss during the coronavirus outbreak, online sellers like Vianney Merian experienced considerable sales leaps. They were already established as online retailers, so while every high street store was scrambling for an online store, they were already making pure profit.

E-Commerce, a thus far underestimated trading way, has become the star attraction of recent months and years. Vianney Merian was in on the pulse at the start of it all. Better yet, he was young enough and tech-savvy enough to cash in on his ideas.

… And you could too.

How to Become a Millionaire?

The first thing you need is a website of your own. You will have to speculate a little to accumulate here. Once you have the webpage, set it up with an online store and decide what sort of goods you want to sell. Next, start filling up on keywords to attract buyers. The critical point here is to attract sellers, too. Take a percentage for featuring their products and watch your business grow.

Turning yourself into an influencer is the second key piece of advice on becoming a millionaire that Vianney Merian has to give. Ultimately, people invest in you when they invest in your products. Turn yourself into the brand, and you will stand to make millions… or even the eight-figure sum that Vianney takes home every year.

Other Ideas for E-Commerce Profits

Affiliate marketing is huge right now. Advertising for other people on your content is a great way to make extra cash. Even if you are a small-time streamer, you can still make a buck or two. 

Although falling out of popularity, dropshipping has been a big seller for a few years now. Set up a pretty website, advertise products from China, and keep your clients happy until the product arrives. You order the product on their behalf, and everyone makes some profit except the customer.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to stay honest. Dropshipping, for example, isn’t the best thing to do with a clear conscience.

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