You Can’t Be A Great Actor Without A Good Acting Coach

When you want to be an actor, there are few things as important as having a good coach. An acting coach trains you, an aspiring actor, to perform better. They teach techniques, mechanisms, and tricks of the trade. They give more specialized advice so that you can ace your auditions, and you can perform certain roles better. Even A-list celebrities rely on acting coaches. Hiring an acting coach doesn’t mean that you are a bad actor, but not hiring one does mean that your chances of improving your acting are bad.

What do acting coaches do?

A coach not only provides you with valuable training, but they provide you a feedback mechanism. When you are trying to be a better actor, what you do wrong is more important than what you are doing right. It is hard to find people who can give you objective feedback on your performances, the feedback that you can actually work upon and improve your craft.

But how do you know which coach is good for you and which one isn’t? Not every coach can gel well together with every actor. Choosing the wrong acting coach can be really detrimental to not only your career but your growth as an actor. How to choose a coach for acting?

The answer can be a bit long.

Choosing a Coach

  1. Chemistry 

The most important thing in a coach is that they should have good chemistry with you. It doesn’t matter how good they are if you both don’t gel together. You need someone who you can trust, respect, and can open up to. Without these crucial factors, you will never feel like they are doing something for your benefit, and that’ll make you hesitant to take their advice. Defeating the entire point of getting the coach in the first place.

  1. Experience 

No one can teach something that they don’t know anything about themselves. Well, at least they shouldn’t try to. That’s why you need a coach who has some pedigree behind them. It can be in the form of acting itself or the form of many years of coaching with success to show for it. Ask around; people from the industry usually know who is who when it comes to acting coaches.

  1. Price 

Acting coaches aren’t cheap. You are paying for their time and their decades of experience. While you shouldn’t try to go over your budget, neither should you be choosing a coach just for the price. Think of getting an acting coach as an investment for your acting career. It may be expensive, but it will give you better results as time goes on.

Apart from more technical aspects, an acting coach can advise you on how to go about making your acting career more successful. They can make you into better leaders. They can also be great friends, confidants, and moral supporters. It’s hard for most coaches to not root for those who they are helping, after all. Their success is a sign of the coaches’ good training.

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