6 Reasons Why Prospects Hang Up On You

Getting hung up on is never fun, and while we do our best to console ourselves that maybe the prospect was having a bad day, there are a lot of reasons for rejection that are totally in your control. Here’s a rundown of six common ones:

Why are your sales calls getting hang-ups?

1. You instantly lower your importance rather than staying on a level: “I’m sorry for disturbing you…”, “I know you’re busy, but…” or “I don’t want to waste your time”.

2. You don’t fact-find: Once you’ve explained why you’re calling, you need to establish need in order to understand how best to offer your proposition so that it resonates with the prospect. One of the biggest failings of salespeople is not asking questions to understand where exactly they can help.

3. Voice: You’re far too enthusiastic and excited when they pick up the phone: acting hyperactive— like a gameshow host—instantly puts barriers up. Save the enthusiasm and passion for when you’re discussing your product and engage in a level way at the beginning. Nothing says ‘I mean business’ like being measured with your voice.

4. You are all talk: That’s right — too much chat and not enough letting the prospect speak means there is no conversation and therefore zero connection being built. No connection means no sale.

5. No research: You need to do at least a modicum of research before calling someone. Seriously — there are few things sadder than seeing a salesperson fail because they shot themselves in the foot and said something stupid that they could have avoided. For example, talking up how great one of your benefits is without realizing that it’s exactly what they don’t need.

6. You’re playing the numbers and making it obvious. This one is simple: you’re selling to a human. Humans are social. Humans, therefore, like feeling engaged with. If you come across like you’re just calling another number rather than like this is the most important call you’re making all week, they just won’t feel special. So if you’re going to treat them just like another dial, they’ll treat you just like another idiot salesperson.

So in future, think for a moment before you make the next call. First impressions are everything, and you have more control that you realise over the outcome.

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