Greater Than Performances and Rehab – The Man Behind the Idea, Scott Pollock.

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Some people are the real gems! They dedicate their lives to helping others and making the world a better place to live.

Indulging in selfless work is a big decision, and Scott Pollock is one the men to do that! Having no gain for himself, Scott started Greater Than Performance and Rehab, a physical therapy gym in Dallas to help other individuals make their physical health better.

About Scott Pollock…

Growing up in a single-family home where sports and athletics were not uncommon, Pollock had a thing for Sports since his initial years. He spent his youth playing sports. Although he enrolled for a major in Business at Texas State University, soon realized that it was not meant for him. Scott switched to Exercise Sports Science and performed brilliantly there.

Scott believes Leadership and Purpose are the two foremost qualities that decide the success of any venture. He has a firm belief that there is always more to learn from the people who are better than oneself. 

This is what makes him one of the best specialists in his field. Pollock also learned that staying calm in a stressful and uncertain situation is the key factor to making a wise decision. With purpose as his driving force, Pollock successfully led his fitness facility to its glory.

How Did Greater Than Performance and Rehab Come Into Existence?

Scott Pollock once landed an internship related to Exercise and Sports during his educational years where he trained individuals with disabilities. 

The inner satisfaction he felt doing that job was something that could be achieved with nothing else for him. That was the moment Pollock realized he was meant for a greater purpose. 

After years of dedicated studying, Scott was finally able to treat people with chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders.

Once done with his educational milestone, the realization of something greater calling him became stronger than ever. 

He gathered individuals with strong skill sets, trainers, practitioners, fitness instructors, and therapists. With such highly talented and dedicated individuals, Pollock formed a fine team.

He made the idea of an all-inclusive Wellness facility turn into a reality. 

His concept of providing the best health care and fitness exercises was finally real. That is how Greater Than Performance And Rehab came into existence!

Greater Than Performance and Rehab

A state-of-the-art facility with exercise and fitness equipment that you would not find anywhere else in the area. With a team of the best chiropractors, personal training, strength, physical therapy, and conditioning specialists, you will get the care you deserve. 

Mr. Pollock personally specializes in alleviating chronic pain so that people can carry on with their lives better. Using a combination of neurological therapies, Pollock tries his best to get the people out of their pain.

One of the best parts about this facility is that they host educational courses for healthcare and training professionals to enhance their knowledge. 

Plus, there is an event Mastermind which runs once every month. Health and wellness speakers take the platform and extend their knowledge to all other professionals. 

All these efforts by Scott Pollock make Greater Than Performance And Rehab the best of its kind.

Services Offered!

  • Personal Training: One-on-one training sessions with highly qualified trainers. It enables you to achieve personal fitness and health goals in no time! You can even recover from an injury and get back to your normal life with this opportunity
  • Massage Therapy: A good massage done by a professional relieves stress, pain, sports injuries, muscle tensions, strains. Makes you physically feel good.
  • Therapeutic Training: Advanced movement and muscle testing, mixed with precise manual therapy and strength training to help reduce pain, and correct muscular imbalances and posture.
  • Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy: It aids in reducing injuries by reducing swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and much more. 
  • Chiropractic Care: The skilled chiropractor resolves neuromusculoskeletal issues.
  • Infrared Clear light Sauna: The full-spectrum sauna helps with weight loss, detoxification, joint and muscle pain, etc.
  • Physical Therapy: With a duo of physical modalities and therapeutic exercises, the client can restore their movement and other physical functions that may have been impaired due to some cause.

Boxing/Kickboxing: Get better at cardio while improving your strength, power, and speed.

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